Monday, December 3, 2007

Please Pray! What's Up in California

I was glad when they said to me, Let us go into the house of Jehovah. Psalm 122:1 Litv.

Yesterday morning was grand. As we drove to church, we could see that snow had fallen across the mountain tops. The air was clearer than it has been since we got here over a month ago. We only needed a light jacket, but some of the locals complained about how cold it was. It was a beautiful morning. So good it was to be in the house of the Lord, to worship and rest in the security of God's Word.

Though the church service was rest for my weary soul, I was greatly troubled by a insert that was in my bulletin. It began, "Stop SB777!" From reading the insert, I learned that recently Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that is designed to "protect" students who are homosexual, transgender, bisexual, or have any gender issues. I will quote a paragraph from the flyer.

"References to 'mom and dad' will be considered promoting bias against homosexuals. Any school activities such as having a prom king and queen or gender-specific bathrooms would also be discriminatory. Children as young as five will be subject to the promotion of homosexuality."

This is not just something that is being talked about or thought about or might happen. It has happened! When the pastor addressed the congregation about this issue, he stated plainly, "This is real, and it is bad." This is now law in California.

As I read the flyer before the service began I whispered to Rick, "How did this make it as far as the Governor's desk?" My question was answered when the pastor, in his address, stated, "Christians have not stepped up to the plate." He went on stressing the point that the church has little influence on children when they spend only an hour or two a week in church vs. the many hours spent in school and school supported activities. He said it is a war, "and our kids are losing." We have given our children over to the enemy!

All hope is not lost. A group, Save Our Kids, has started a referendum to over turn this recent assault. You can learn more by going to Petitions are being signed. The campaign must obtain over 500,000 signatures to get the referendum on the June ballot. There is a very small window of time to get those signatures, and that window will be closing in a few days.

I felt so helpless, walking past those petitions that were lying on the tables at the church. I'm not a California voter, so what could I do? What can you do? Oh PRAY! Please pray! This is a serious issues for our country, not just the state of California. If you don't know what kind of an influence California has on the rest of our nation, then you are living in a bubble. So many "trends" and socially acceptable behaviors, ideals and beliefs start here and migrate across the states. Again, THIS IS REAL AND IT IS BAD. It is time, past time, that we all, no matter where we live, step up to the plate! Prayer is our most powerful defense and weapon!

Beyond the issue of SB777, the pastor brought to our attention other "classroom activities" that should make any Christian parent take serious action. He presented to the church a public school classroom handout that had a Thanksgiving poem or song in one column, and partnered with it in the other column a reading about Ramadan. He also showed us a word search handout that when all the words were correctly found and circled, a pattern appeared in the center of the puzzle that said, "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH." Do you think there is any way a teacher could get by with having students do a puzzle that presented the message that "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD?" I doubt it.

Brothers and sisters, this is California, but this is also Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Alabama .... if we are not willing take time to pray, prepare, and fight. Heads up Christians! I've got children and grandchildren, and so do you! Let's not give them to the enemy!

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