Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are NOT on vacation picture post

I promised to show you a little bit of South Dakota (Black Hills) and a tad bit of Wyoming Grass land. Here are a few pictures I snapped when we went for printer paper. Some are just what I saw from I-90 and some are from the other road--the wrong turn--remember?
While you look at these, (if you are one of my sweet friends that live south of the Mason Dixon Line) you will need to sit near an AC vent so you can have a better  idea of what it is like here.
This one was taken from a spot that is just a little over two miles from a location where part of the movie Dancing With Wolves was filmed.

There would have been a lot more scenic photo opportunities had we taken the time to explore a little more, but we were in a hurry--had to get that printer paper and get back to work!



Becky said...

Beautiful! Truly God's work! We loved it up there too. Lots of photo ops.

Karen said...

Wow! These are awesome pictures...they need to be framed or in a portfolio....

Talkin' Texan said...

Yes Becky, it is beautiful here. The weather has been nice too. But when I see the drift fences, I'm thinking it is a whole different story in the winter. :)

Aww thanks Karen.

I've thought about printing some of them, framing them, and then offering them for sale or a "blog give-away." What do you think?