Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zoo fun

If you want to see the imaginative and humorous side of our creator, just spend the day at a zoo.  Hundreds of mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, and animals--some in cages, some in strollers and some just running lose and wild.

We visited the Omaha zoo before we left Nebraska. It is Omaha's main attraction. We were hot and tired and wanted beat rush hour traffic, so we didn't see everything there was to see, but we saw most of it. I decided that zoos are more fun when you have little children to take along with you. Hearing the constant chatter of "Mama, mama, hey mama, look!" and the ooohhs and aahhhs and "Daddy, pick me up!"... sure made me miss the days when my girls were little. And I wished for my granddaughters in the worst way.

Hubby and I still enjoyed the day together and took only a few pictures. There is something about animal pictures that make my mind run wild with captions. I added a couple and I want to know how you would caption my photos too.  Please leave your comments.

Honey, use your napkin. You have a little pollen right there...

A penny for your thoughts.

Now we are home again, visiting family and tending to little things that need tended. Touching base so to speak, until the next time the phone rings.