Monday, December 29, 2008

73 Unread Messages

That's my email inbox--and then there is the big basket full of snail mail that collected while we were living and working in Mobile.

Christmas was wonderful, but now that is behind us and the last minute wedding preparations are under way. I still have MUCH to do before January 3rd.

My father is having surgery tomorrow, then I've got to make my way to Dumas (100 mile round trip) to participate in one last family Christmas get-together on Thursday before rushing back home to welcome out-of-town guest as they start to arrive for the wedding weekend.

It is three minutes until midnight and I'm debating whether I should go to bed or sew more snaps on the wedding gown. (Part of the bustling process.)

What's that you say? Am I feeling a little overwhelmed? Oh, maybe just a bit.

But I am thankful that I still have my father here on this earth and I'm happy to keep my mother company while he is in surgery. I'm glad my in-laws have invited me to join them in their Christmas celebration even though my husband will not be there. I'm overjoyed that my daughter loves a man that loves her back and that they are about to start their new life together as husband and wife.

I am a bit overwhelmed by my to-do list and by God's goodness and life's sweetness. It all brings me joy. Some things bring me more joy than others...
Like the "delete" button!


Brittney said...


You have way so much on your plate. I feel overwhelmed and I don't have near the things going on in my life that you do in yours. But many of yours are blessings....I feel like right now I am being tested by fire. some of the things I am praying that God will let me change ( I have been praying, and looking or is that waiting for the answers) But I am going to count my blessings right now, My Husband, Children, Grandson, Parents, Mother in Law, friends, shelter, more food than I can eat, not much but a little money for the finer things in life ( clothing, food, internet ect. ) I really don't have any reasons to complain, here is praying that you can do it all without to much stress.

Walter Mitty said...

No fancy words to tie your brain in knots. Just know we are thinking of you and wish you a great new year and blessings for Tom Cruise and his lady.

Your friend,

Carol said...

You sound a lot like me over at Choose Joy! Breathe in, breathe out and you are doing just as I would, counting it all joy! You are blessed to have your parents. I am not fortunate enough to have either with me on this earth, but I will be seeing them again...of this I am sure! CArol

Losing Myself said...

We all at times get a little overwhelmed by our business, don't we. I hope (and I am sure that you do) you are making time for God amongst all your rushing to and fro. Tell Dumas I said hello. :)