Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall in Mobile

Boy have I been busy, or lazy, or both. I've attempted to post several times but have encountered one distraction after another. This is not the post I've been working on, so maybe I'm distracting myself. A.D.D.? Na...just scatter-brained.

Back in the spring we were working in Atlanta, then we made our way up the east side of the U.S. to Virginia, remember? I found it interesting that we seemed to chase spring as we went north. Spring came to Atlanta while we were there and as we traveled northward, we were able to see the trees budding again and again.

Fall has happened to us much the same. Though we missed the great colors in New England, some of the trees were starting to blush when we left in September. The trees in Amarillo were starting to show signs of turning during our short lay-over there in October. Baton Rouge was still pretty green when we got there, but as we hooked on and hauled to Mobile, colors were showing a hint in the trees. And now in November, fall has come to Mobile.

There are many trees here--lots of pine and other evergreens, and some changing hardwoods. The contrast between the deep greens and reds and golds is beautiful.
Like Mimi's lip prints left on the precious cheeks of Natalie and Gabriella is the kiss of fall on this maple.

This morning I watched the Weather Channel and thought how diverse is our land--New York had a half a foot of snow, Dallas was under thunderstorms, pleasant temperatures but with cold wind across the plains--and I'm in the middle of beautiful temperatures and fallen leaves...
And if we remain in Mobile for a while, spring will be here before you know it! But today, I will enjoy fall--my favorite time of year.


Edie said...

Beautiful pictures Lavonda. I've been having a hard time getting to the post on my mind too.

Enjoy the whether in your area. We had a pretty good thunderstorm in the wee hours of the morning. My dog Tobi has developed a fear of hard rain this last year, so she jumped on my bed and panted over my face to wake me up so I could tell her to lay down. I don't know what she thinks I can do about it! LOL.

Brittney said...

Melissa has posted some beautiful fall pictures from North Carolina as well..One tree looked like the color of a pumpkin. Here in our area with some many live oaks and cedar trees...we don't see much color, but we do have a little. Sunday was just a great day with the blue, blue sky. Just wish it did not get dark as early as it does...does not leave much time to enjoy the color. Had rain here today. Actually heard thunder this afternoon and watched a lighting storm on my way home. Under tornadno watch this evening.

Cindy said...

This past weekend we went to Throckmorton for my baptism. The colors in many of the trees were beautiful I usually go from San Antonio to Lubbock at Thanksgiving and get to see the trees from green to brown and every color in between but this year was a trip because I get to see it twice. I love the maple tree picture. The fall has never been my favorite time of the year because by the time all my kids leave it is dark so I can not enjoy the outside. I do still love to see all the colors because they are so beatiful. I did notice that your picture has changed. I actually got on here tonight because Krysta is talking about Plymonth Rock and I wanted to show her the pictures that you took while there. Have a great day tomorrow looking at all the new colors.

Shonda said...

I do enjoy all the colors this time of year.
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