Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Photos

You write the captions. What comes to your mind when you look at these pictures?


sharilyn said...

i love the "happy old goat" and the "frosted football" best!!: ) looks like you were having some fun!

Karen said...

I'm not much at writing captions....all the pix are good, but my favorites are the old mill and the lazy kitty...where were the pictures taken?

Talkin' Texan said...

Sharilyn, I thought it looked like the goat was smirking at me. lol I think she was happy. And the frosted "football" is actually one of the clearance lights on the cab of my husband's truck. It does look like a football though doesn't it?

Karen, I love the mill too. The cat loved a good tummy rub and was happy to keep napping while I snapped his picture.

The moon shot was right out my door last night here in Shepherdsville, KY. The frost on the light here as well. The row of houses is just a random street in Louisville, KY. All the others I took the day we visited Squire Boone Caverns near Corydon, Indiana.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Photo 1) A frozen football
2)a smiling goat? Is that a goat? I know nothing of farm animals, can you tell?'
3)a photographo of the sun behind the trees. Or is that the moon? At first I was seeing the earth being swallowed by green pastures.
4)A quiet neighborhood with everyone at work. It's Fall. Pretty photo.
5)I dunno....a hallow tree but it reminds me of my hallow mother who is lost by refusing Christ. Sad.
7)the beginning of spring (or the beginning of fall/winter?) It shows hope with the rest of the trees barren w/o leaves, yet this little yellow plant is still vibrant.
9)Barren and unkept land.
10)Peace and full relaxation; something I wish I could do right now. :D
11)A beautiful white duck grooming .
12) My first thought is kinda funny; of the duck rejecting the other duck; swimming away from the other one. Kind of in a smirky way....(smile)

Interesting post! I enjoyed engaging and thinking on these.

Talkin' Texan said...

I love your imagination! And it goes to show that photos, without explanation, leave a lot of room for one to draw their own conclusions. So here is some information about the photos in this post.

The first does look like a football, but is actually a light on the top of our truck. Look in the background and you'll see another light just like the close-up. You'll also notice that you see the roof of a building and tree tops. Usually footballs are on the ground. :)

Yes, the next picture is a goat. And what you can't tell in the photo is this is a female goat that is "great with kid." I think that's why she looks so happy.

The next is the moon, not the sun. It was dark, but the light from the moon and a distant street lamp plus a tripod and special setting on my camera, made it possible for me to get this really cool moon shot.

The street picture was taken at the end of February in Louisville. So it was a late winter shot. I thought the different colors of the houses, so closely spaced was interesting.

You can hardly mistake a hollow tree. I was amazed that this tree had buds on it, ready to pop open. How can a tree be so "empty of living matter" yet hang so tightly to the bank of a stream and continue to live? It in its own right is a living miracle.

The grist mill, though so old, I thought was so beautiful. It is a springtime picture but you'd not know due to the bare trees.

The yellow bush, blooms in the spring against the drab gray building, I think is like a splash of sunshine.

The next picture, to me, looks like gossiping geese, unaware of their own downy bottoms. "If my backside looked like like that, I'd certainly not go around sticking it up in the air."

The stream in the next photo, running quick and clear looked so good for wading, yet the coolness of spring would make wading down right cold!

Cat napping, literally!

And the white duck was not grooming. It too was sound asleep while soaking up the warmth of the sun.

And the last goose looks calm and proud, but actually it was a little ticked at some of the other birds in the pond. Who got the most to eat was an issue at the time.

Walter Mitty said...

1. The Cringle Company plants 5 frostlings for every white christmas tree they harvest.

2. You are not kidding me are you?

3. A moon orbiting around Mars shows signs of life.

4. Seventy percent of home owners on Parallel Street have sold their car in order to pay the mortgage.

5. The Sniper waited in the hollow of a tree for the hijacker to come down the road.

6. What is grist anyway? And why are we grinding it at this mill?

7. Forsythia, beckoning spring to arrive in all her glory.

8. It's you he's mooning. Not me.

9. Body still not found. Authorities cite lack of juristiction as reason for not searching tar pits.

10. A little more concentration and the camoflauge will be complete.

11. You can't see me if I'm not looking at you.

12. All is calm above water, but don't look at my feet.


Talkin' Texan said...

Very Creative Mr. Mitty!

brittney said...

loved the photos. I have to admit, I thought the 1st one looked like a football too. I really like the warning you put at the top!!! I think the time is coming when "PC" will not be so "PC" But I may be wrong....not being wishy washy, just stating what I have heard patients tell me. Very interesting.