Monday, May 4, 2009

Call It What You Want...

I don't like to talk politics. I like to try to look on the bright side of life and politics is not my idea of sunshine and rainbows. But I read some articles today that stirred me, so here I go, ranting again.

First, I have to say this whole flu scare is like nothing I've ever seen before. I've never seen so many people in so many places acting so foolishly at one time. Don't misunderstand me. I have sympathy for those people who have lost their loved ones to the virus. But I think the press and the powers that talk to the press have created--well--I hate to say it--they've created a state of panic and fear.

I was in a state of panic and fear once. I'm talking REAL panic and REAL fear when my husband's life was threatened. You could say that my husband and I were both terrorized. In fact, the charges filed against the person who caused this panic and fear included the charge of terroristic threat. Hmm. Now let me think. Someone who causes another person to panic and live in fear could be considered to be a "terrorists," right? So I guess that makes the press and all the powers that have been talking to the press, "terr..."

Oh wait! One of the articles I read today reveals our President's new terms regarding terrorism. We are no longer to use the term terrorist or terrorism. The destruction of the World Trade Center was not an act of terrorism, it was a "man-caused disaster." The article also points out that we are not engaged in a war on terrorism, but an "overseas contingency operation."

And in other articles, the "swine flu" is not the swine flu but is the "New H1N1 flu."

Call it what you want, a virus is a virus, creating fear and panic to convince someone that their life is in danger is terrorism, and war is war. Politically correct terminology changes nothing except our willingness to accept lies in the place of truth.

My opinion? Don't kiss any pigs, be leery of those who stir up world-wide panic and fear even if they do wear the Stars and Stripes on their lapel, and remember that our men and women stationed overseas probably still feel like they are fighting a war.

God, help us.


sharilyn said...

all i can say to that is "amen! and amen!" you're saying what's been on my mind and lips (but not yet my blog!)... i'm so weary of the political correctness which really is a euphemism for "lies".

i have to work daily to remind myself that God is on His throne and to keep Him the center of my focus... or i can't take one more idiotic political comment/stand.

this whole Miss California (not USA due to saying what she believes and thinks...with great integrity, i might add) thing has me shaking my head with disgust as well.

the difficult part of it all is that, when i read the Old Testament, i see the same things... God letting the people have what they want/ask for... and the very serious consequences of those actions. may God give us mercy in spite of ourselves...

hang in there, my fellow frustrated one... and continue to stand for what is right and good and true...

Travis said...

These man made disasters reminds me of when God said that the foolish would declare themselves wise.

Talkin' Texan said...

Yes, repeatedly God's children were allowed to have what they wanted, and repeatedly they suffered. May God forgive our selfish and foolish hearts and may He give us wisdom and courage to continue the fight.

Can anyone argue, we are living in that day? Yes, man is wise in his own eyes. I pray God let us see ourselves through His eyes.

Ida said...

It should serve to make us all aware that the end times are on the horizon and we should be about the Father's business more fervently than ever before.

Cindy said...

I am afraid that if we see ourselves (this country) thru God's eyes that we will not like what we see. I have actually had to be careful with what I say because I feel for the ones who have had to go to school while so many around here have had a two week vacation for a couple of people who are sick. My girls have had to go to school while a lot of there friends have not and are not going to have to make it up. Ok, I am going to stop as I could keep going here as well.

Andrea said...

Lavonda, I love your blog, and I love your straight talk! God bless you for your fearless words of truth! Our world needs many more Christians who speak as you do.

I am not afraid of our times, but I am aware of the serious of this age. Thanks be to God that He is in control!

I enjoyed my visit here. You live in a beautiful place. Again, many blessings in Christ Jesus.


Talkin' Texan said...

Ida, yes the end, I believe, is near. It is by God's grace that we still remain.

Cindy, I think you are right. Through God's eyes, America or the world for that matter, has little to be proud of or boast about. But, through the eyes of God, the redeemed are seen covered by the scarlet blood of Jesus Christ. Imperfect and needing to try harder to live a life pleasing to God, yes--but covered by the blood. I'm so thankful!

Andrea, thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words. Come back again soon!