Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello, Remember Me?

Oh my goodness! Where have the days gone? Do I still have any readers? Oh how I've missed reading and writing--Blogging. And I've missed you, my readers!

Remember my telling you about my hubby's fried nerves? Well they finally sizzled and popped and smoked until he couldn't take it any more. So he signed himself out of the storms in Kentucky and vacation became his focus. Like a well trained puppy I follow him wherever he goes, so here we are, back at home in Amarillo, TX.

We did do a little traveling and sightseeing before we made it home.

Before we left Kentucky we visited Mammoth Cave National Park. It was good to get away from the camper and I enjoyed the day. The cave is mammoth for sure. If you are ever in Kentucky, you should visit the park. You should call ahead for reservations as the guided tours seemed to fill up fast and many were sold out. Check it out on the web before you go because there are about sixteen different tours you can take. We took the historical tour. It was interesting but left me wondering if the other tours would have been better. Some of the tours are only for the very brave and the very physically fit. That's not me. So I'll be content saying I saw Mammoth Cave and leave it at that.

The cave entrance--there is more than one!
Here you can see water dripping from the rocks above the cave entrance.

It is hard to get good photos under ground but I do have a few to show you. Somehow the hugeness of the cave is lost in a photo.

This photo I took looking up into a tower or sorts. Inside the cave was very dusty. You can see the dust floating in the air in this picture.
Inside the cave are many narrow passage ways. This one is called Fat Man's Misery. I made it through, just in case you were wondering.We exited through the same hole we entered.

Then...the last day of May we turned out backs to the setting sun and headed--wait a minute. Wasn't that the wrong direction to go if we wanted to go to Amarillo?

We took the scenic route. I'll show you those pictures in the next post.


Cindy said...

You are so funny sometimes.These are such wonderful pictures. So different than any of the caves I have been to. Now I must go and check out these things at the bottom of this blog.

Talkin' Texan said...

Aww Cindy, You came back! I was so afraid that I might have lost all my readers since it has been so long since I posted.
Thanks for hanging in there with me!
The "You might like these stories" are older posts that are randomly picked. I think you have already seen the all, but a new reader might want to go back and read them. It is just an easy link to past posts.

Karen said...

Great pictures...especially the sunset...I haven't been in a cave since my boys were young...

Looking forward to more pictures and stories....

Ida said...

Great pics. Maybe someday we will make it to Kentucky. Looking forward to the senic route pictures.

Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by Choose Joy. I have not been very good at visiting my favorite blogs lately. I would think, being a teacher, summers would be carefree and lots of time, but that is not the case. I just fill every minute with OTHER things besides school. I am painting and babysitting and working on my house and ballgames and going going going. Nice to sit and read about your travels. Come again and glad to "talk" to you again. Glad you are back. Carol

Truth4thejourney said...

Great pictures! What a great opportunity you had to vacation with your hubby. Memory making moments.

I'm visiting from the CWG facebook group. Nice to meet you!

Sonya Lee

Talkin' Texan said...

I'm happy to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. As a writer you know how good you feel when you know someone is reading what you write.
I'll pop over in the next day or two and say hello to you. Please come back again soon!

Alene said...

The pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing girl! Glad you are back. Glad you could take a break. Blessings.