Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Waltz Across Texas (Part 3)

What kind of a blog writer leaves her blog to the spiders and crickets for months at a time?
One that is busy, overwhelmed, preoccupied, lazy, discouraged, bumfuzzled, disorganized, depressed, dazed, ... or one that has spent too much time of Facebook perhaps? I won't make a lot of excuses or offer good reasons why my blogging has been neglected. I'll just say I've been a bad blogger, please forgive me, now let's get back to whatever it was we were talking about before I wandered away.

Oh yes, my trip across Texas.

It has been so long ago now I think I may have a hard time recalling details. I do have photos though! (You know you could count on that, right?)

After Big Bend National Park, we visited our kids in San Angelo where I spoiled the granddaughters as much as possible.
And do you blame me? Spoiling is so much fun! Now you can go ahead and tell me how cute they are, and I'll tell you how sweet and perfect they are, and we will all agree that grandchildren are the greatest reward a person can get this side of heaven.
I'm obviously into my grandkids a lot more than I'm into blogging because the past few months are represented by many more pictures of them than blog posts. Again, can you blame me?

From San Angelo we traveled on to Austin to visit some good friends. (Brittney and Terry Crain) And to see some sights and kill some time before the weekend.
If you are ever in the Austin, TX area, be sure to have dinner at The Oasis on Lake Travis. The view at sunset might take your breath away!

Believe it or not, this was my first time to visit my beloved Texas' capitol.A part of me wishes I could have been around when Texas was an independent nation--The Republic Of Texas. I like the sound of it!

From Austin we headed for Houston to visit more of our children.There we attended the Wings Over Houston Airshow. That was a first for me also. All I can say about that is WOW! It was money well spent and even the sunburn I got was worth it.I saw planes flying straight up and straight down and backwards, right side up and right side down and all the directions in between. There were wing walkers and parachute jumpers and mock water rescues. A reenactment of the bombing of Pear Harbor created lots of smoke. I learned that you can actually see the sound barrier quivering around an aircraft as it flies at the speed of sound straight toward you. And then there were the Blue Angels. Oh--My---Goodness!!!

I took WAY too many pictures. Most of them didn't turn out and few of them can do justice to the show. Take my word for it. Wings Over Houston is one of those must see kind of things. Next year it will be held October 23 & 24 and will feature the USAF Thunderbirds . If you can be in the area, don't miss it!

From Houston we drove back to Amarillo--home--where daughter #3 keeps a candle in the window for us. She's a good kid and I don't know what we would do with out her. Here she is with Michael W. Smith. I sure hope he doesn't mind my posting this picture of him on my blog, but it is the only picture I could find of my kid!(Michael was in concert at Trinity Fellowship Church in November. That was another WOW experience. If you ever have the chance to hear him in person, don't miss it!)

Whewww! That was quite a trip!
Almost everywhere we go (outside our home state) people comment about how "PROUD" Texans are. That, I can't deny. Yes, I am proud of my state and my heritage as a Texan. I won't apologize for believing that Texas is the best state in the union! (If you don't believe me, ask any other Texan and he'll tell you the same thing!)

We Texans have a lot to be proud of! We live in a beautiful state with beaches, mountains, rolling hills and flat plains. We are a strong group of people who (for the majority of us) believe in small government and freedom and independence for the people. We are friendly and hospitable. Texas...there's no place quite like it!


Karen said...

Great pictures...and your grandkids are cutie pies and I agree 100% with your sentiments.....

LaVon Baker said...

You granddaughters are GRAND... so beautiful. One could drown in those big blue eyes!