Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A different perspective

Dear readers and blogging friends,

In November did you miss my list of things for which I am thankful? Are you wondering what happened to my Merry Christmas post? Never fear, they never happened.

Oh yes, I agree. I've not been diligent with my blog the last few...well...for most of 2009. I don't know about you--how things have been around your house or in your life--but 2009 has been a tough year for my family and me. The past twelve months (for various family members individually and as a group) saw marriage, death, job loss, long periods of unemployment, new careers, moves, surgery, serious illness and hospitalization, stressful times of separation, joyful times of coming together again, accomplishments, disappointments, distractions, financial stress, disagreements, unity, dreams born, cold reality checks, mistakes, successes, depression, lessons learned, accusations, affirmations, tears, answered prayer, trials, temptations, victories, hurts, healing, moments to cherish and days we hope we can forget.

I want my blog to be a place you can come to find hope, encouragement, joy...I write my blog for my readers and for Jesus. I don't write it for me. This past year I have struggled, like a cow caught in quicksand, to be a joyful vessel, a positive pen, for Jesus. I do have a long list of things for which I give thanks, and I did want everyone to have a very merry Christmas. But all year I found it very difficult to put into positive words the things that were in my heart. So, I've been a bit silent. It has been a hard year, but we come to the end, knowing that still, through it all, we have been blessed by God. Though blessed more than I deserve, still burdens and trials and so many difficulties have taken from me until I am left tired, worn out, discouraged, and hoping for a better year in 2010.

I looked at the calendar today and realized that a new year is just a couple days away. Boy, am I ready for it. (But only if it promises to be a really good year for me.) Do I hear an AMEN? Surely at least one of you out there shares my sentiment.

Seriously! How cool would it be if 2010, like a McDonald's Restaurant, sat on the corner of This Way and That Way, had a drive-up window, took orders and filled them accurately and promptly? (Okay, maybe Burger King instead of McDonald's.)

I'd drive through and order me up some thinner thighs, natural brown hair, two extra hours for every day, a good health with plenty of wealth combo, and all the little packets of happiness they could poke in the bag! Too bad life's not like that.

Sometimes life is hard no matter what, and sometimes life is what we make it. Now if you've read my little blog long enough to know me, you know I'm not much for making a New Year's Resolution. I can barely deal with one day at a time, and I'm sure not going to stick my neck out and announce something I plan to accomplish or "stick to" all year long. The way I do things, I'd have it messed up and be a failure before the sun went down on my words.

So, what AM I going to do with the new year ahead? Pray for a different perspective. Let me explain.

Two weeks before Christmas, Rick (my hubby) was sent to the Seattle, WA area to work. (Now that was a PRAISE THE LORD kind of thing because work has been scarce this year.) He planned to fly home for Christmas and some of our kids planned to drive home so we could all be together. It was a good plan until the December '09 blizzard blew across the country leaving hubby stranded at DFW and the kids spinning off the highway into a ditch.

Everybody finally made it home and Christmas was not totally ruined, (we did have a good time together) but snow and the white Christmas so many people dream about really dampened my spirits for a while.

On the 27th hubby and I got on a plane headed back to Seattle. On the last leg of the trip from Las Vegas to Seattle, I had a window seat. Clouds were thick, I was tired and grumpy, so little did I see. But, for a few minutes, we flew through a clear area. Take a look at what I saw out my window.

Snow and ice--absolutely beautiful--from the air. A different perspective changed what I thought about the elements that had caused my family so much distress days before.

If 2010 doesn't deliver what I've ordered, I'm going to try to remember to ask God to change my perspective so I can find beauty in the midst of something ugly, hope in hopeless situations, joy in the middle of the things that make me cry, faith in fearful times, love in lonely hours, and God himself in control of it all.

May you each have a very happy new year!


Ida said...

AMEN. May 2010 be the best year ever.

Karen said...

May 2010 be the first in a decade of great years for you and your family.

Happy New Year!

Edie said...

Beautiful pictures Lavonda! I think I need to pray to maintain a right perspective in the new year. I'm headed into unknown territory and I really need to stay focused on Christ and not the obstacles.

Rich blessings on you and yours in 2010!

Love your new profile picture too.

Karen said...

Those pictures are breathtaking! I can just imagine seeing them in person...

A different perspective...I like that!

Oh, and make mine to go....

Greg C said...

Now that is a great way to look at things. I am so glad I popped over here. I see you already know some of my blog friends (hey Edie). I love the photos.

I loved you analogy comparing life to McDonalds. I agree that would be great. But then you forgot about one little thing; After you drive away from that pickup window you often find that the contents of your bag aren't what you ordered. Lots of people want to go back, demand that the order be fixed and they get an apology.

I however usually take what is in the bag and then make the best of it. I think life is like that. God doesn't always give us what we ask for. Sometimes he mixes up our order just to see what we do with it. I pray that 2010 is a better year for all of us but if it isn't I pray that we learn to be patient and accept what is in our bag.


LaVon Baker said...

Well, hello Lavonda (it was hard for me not to capitalize that "v" lol).
Thanks so much for visiting and following Bakers' Blessings. I hope you come often and leave your thoughts. You know, we love comments.
We have friends whose home base is Amarillo also. We were through there last May.
Maybe God will allow our paths to cross someday on the road. It sounds like we could be "two peas in a pod." I am a native Texan and love it. Have a daughter and fam who live in Round Rock.
Beautiful shots from the plane. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
I like what Greg C said. I've posted two very wonderful messages in my blog and hope you can listen.
God bless you.

Talkin' Texan said...

Hey, Thanks everybody for the New Year well wishes and you time of reading and leaving your comments. You know it blesses me.

Ida, Thanks for the Amen! :)

Greg, I too just take what's in my sack. Like I said, sometimes life is what we make it. I'm glad my post made you stop and think. That, after all, is one of my purposes! :)

LaVon, Thanks for stopping by and feel free to "follow". Nice to find another bloggin' full timer out there. And once a Texan, always a Texan, even if you are just temporarily misplaced. :)

Anonymous said...

I usually go back if the order is wrong. I feel that if I paid for it, it should be what I want.