Friday, August 13, 2010

Chicago and beyond

Okay y'all--I've been so busy walking uphill to do the laundry, sewing, and trying to adjust to a REALLY bad hair cut, that I've not spent any time blogging. Who wants to read about the the old worn out washer getting out of balance during every spin cycle? And I'm NOT going to show you the bad hair cut! Ugh! I will show you pictures of my sewing a minute.

Life really has been pretty dull these past few weeks. The heat, humidity, and misquotes have kept me from taking a paddle boat ride on the lake or playing a round of mini golf. Hubby and I have taken a bike ride around the park most evenings, and aside from the bug bites, that has been the high point of my days.

Hubby has had about all of the Chicago traffic and crowded streets he can stand, so it was a very thoughtful thing he did last Sunday--took me into the city to look around a bit.

Here are all of my pictures. I didn't take very many in Chicago. Where the streets are narrow and the buildings are tall, VERY tall, it is hard to get far enough away from anything to get a good shot. I saw several people who should I say it...kinda different. Like the three guys prissing walking down the street together, all dress identically in sleeveless pink plaid western shirts, (They can't really be western shirts if the sleeves are missing, but they did have those western yokes.) jeans, black belts, and sad (Chicago version) western straw hats. I don't think they were members of  a country western band. I thought about taking pictures of them, but decided against it.

Yeah, some of the folks here are a little different.

I also saw at least three different stores, within a three block walk, where hundreds of hand blown and artistic bongs were sold. Not my kind of souvenir.

I enjoyed riding around downtown Chicago. The buildings...the crowds...and the confirmation that I'm a country girl. Chicago is an okay place to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there!
Chicago's public library

Any sports fans out there? We just happened to drive by Wrigley Field right before the game started. People people people people--Oh my goodness the traffic and people! Cops were directing traffic and pedestrians, or at least they were trying. All those Cubs fans were pretty much walking and driving when and where they wanted.
If you can't get tickets inside the ball park, then maybe you can get a seat atop one of the businesses across the street.

For you football fans, yes we drove by Soldier Field. I was very impressed. It was pouring rain at the time and because there were a lot of activities going on in that part of town that day, there was no place to park. I didn't get a picture. I'm kinda sad about that because it is a cool looking stadium.

NASCAR fans, don't feel left out. We also drove by and took a look at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. Seen one speedway you've seen em' all, right? Well, maybe not, but I didn't take any photos there either. Gates were locked and we couldn't get very close. But now hubby can say he's been there.

Look at all those tall skinny houses! How do people live like that? And like it?

When buildings are this close together, this country girl starts humming that "Elbow Room" song.

My favorite part of the day was the little bit of time we spent at Lake Michigan.
The sky was cloudless. When I got out of the truck down by the lake, helicopters flew over. How many do you see in this picture? The one in the lower left corner...that's a big ol' dragon fly!  I was so proud that I was able to catch all three in the same frame! Whoo hoo!

The water was so blue and so clear! Absolutely beautiful!

It was a hot day--so hot the birds were panting.

The best part of our lake visit was it enabled me to make progress in completing my toe dippin' project. What's that? Well, I have a goal. I want to dip my toes in all the major bodies of water that surround this great country. So far I've dipped my toes into the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Ontario, ...
 and now Lake Michigan. Just three lakes to go! I'm trying to decide if I should add the Alaskan Gulf and the Bering Sea to my list. What do you think?

While wading in the lake, I saw this cute little heart shaped rock. All together now...AWWwwww.

That about does it for our day in the big city. We did take a few minutes on a different day and checked out the old Joliet prison. It has been in several movies over the years. With all the hype you'd think they would offer tours, but driving around the outside is the whole experience.

There was this sign on the fence though.
Well DUH! I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did.
Now we've said goodbye to Chicago and moved on down the road. Ever heard of Edwardsville, IL? Me neither--until now. We will be here a week and then, if we are not redeployed, will be homeward bound.
So, a new campground, a new laundry room, and another page in this adventure. I'll be looking for the dashing and bold!

Oh yeah! Before I go, I did promise to show you my sewing projects. Do I have any seamstress readers? If so, what are you sewing?

This is a "retro" apron I made for a friend. I had fun making it and was tempted to keep it for myself.  (Aren't I awful?)
I wanted a new summer robe. If this doesn't wake me up in the mornings I don't know what will! What can I say...Bold isn't it!?!



Karen said...

As always, the pictures and play by plays were entertaining...your apron and robe are very nice! I am sure your friend was pleased...

From one country girl to another....

Deanna said...

WHAT WAS I THINKING ??? I've been on my computer most of the afternoon and was just reading your Chicago blog. For some wild and crazy (dashing and bold???) reason, I wondered if I changed the translation to Spanish, would the "Comments" be translated to Spanish as well? So...of course, I quickly changed it to Spanish to see. Guess what? Now there's no choice on the drop down menu for "English". So I can no longer read a word of your blog. However, you'll be happy to know, the comments are still in English !!!!!

My word is "holloyd". Do you think that's Spanish?

Deanna said...

Well, Praise the Lord !!! When you change the translation, a "Google translate" toolbar appears at the top, and there is a choice to "Show original". I'm a happy camper again :)

I think "holloyd" may be Spanish for dummy (or worse)!

My word this time is "sinism". I'm afraid to think what that may mean in Spanish !!!