Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Okay. It's not like I have a huge group of readers, so my polls are quite pointless except for my own fascination and fun. I found it interesting that all but one of you wonderful people that took time to participate in my poll picked "other" as your favorite Thanksgiving food. I'm guessing that my youngest daughter was the one that picked pumpkin pie as her favorite. So what does that say about us and our traditional holiday meal? Do we all gather around a table to feast on foods that we are not that crazy about? And if so, why do we put so much time, effort, and money into a meal that no one likes? Or did I just list the wrong foods for you to choose from? Maybe I should have included cranberry sauce? I'm dying to know what your favorite traditional food is!

Tradition is a wonderful thing. It is a type of base we can touch as we play life's game of chase. When we don't know where else to run and it is about to catch us, tradition is a place of safety, security, and rest. Tradition my not be our favorite thing, but we find ourselves coming back to it time and time again. Tradition is a good thing to have, even though we often crave other things.

Here's hoping you have and enjoy traditions and favorites this Thanksgiving. May we all remember to be thankful for both!


God's Gal Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Wish you were here with us, but know that you are in our hearts and minds this wonderful day. We have eaten and i am very full. My favorite dish is green beans and DR. pepper salad. That is our secret, untill you spilled the recipe:) lol. Mammaw is standing over my soulder and wants to say something to you. so here she is:
ok, today my thanksgiving meal consisted of turkey, ham, Tom's dressing, jibblet gravy, cranberries, Dr. pepper salad, sweet potatoes, uummmmmmmm,what else did we have, oh green beans, Louise's invention, lots of pies. these are a few of mey favorite things! Just tell her i lover herand Rick.
Ok this is Anna again. I love you so much and will see you soon!!

Brittney said...

well, my favorite would have to be one of the many jello salads. I think the orange sherbet salad. Or the cranberries. Ham is my favorite meat for Thanksgiving or it could be the hot bread. I just like food and have trouble picking out my favorite. But I think my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting together with your family.

Deanna said...

At our house when I was growing up, we had a tie. We loved Mother's chicken and dressing, her plum pudding and this cherry pie she made with sour cherries...she didn't cook it. It went in the frig and I never had that dish anyplace else. Guess I should make one and see if I still love it.