Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good News

We found a different place to stay. It is in Hemet, CA. Hemet and San Jacinto are very close, kind of like Ying and Yang. It is in a busier part of town (-) but it is right across the street from a DHL drop. (+) The campers are packed in like sardines, (-) but it is farther from any of the dairies so the flies are not as bad (+) and the air does not smell like a feedlot. (+) Unless the duck and goose eggs hatch in the next day or two, we won't be here to see the babies. (-) But this morning the gander and both his lady friends were outside my door honking for something to eat. I fed them the last heel of the bread and they wanted more. As I turned to go back into the camper for some crackers, the gander bit me on the leg. Then later one of them pooped right at the bottom of the steps of the camper. The new campground has no fishy smelling lake and no biting pooping geese. (+++) The new place actually has sewer hook ups (+) -- we don't have sewer here -- and they have 50 amp electricity hook ups. (+) I will be able to run the AC and the microwave at the same time! And we don't have to be seniors to stay there. (+). We hope to make the move later in the week.

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