Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boys and Girls, These are Pinecones!

We found these pinecones while in Running Springs. I've never seen anything like them.


Anonymous said...

Ok now I know you are here maybe we will leave some coments.

Sarah said... have posted SO much that I can't comment on them here are all your comments here:

Did you ever find another Wal-mart so you could get your hair done?

I'm SO glad you found another place to go "park" :-) I know that when Mom told me of your last camp ground I figured I would have gone nuts. Or at least carried a shovel 100 paces from the campground rather than go to that public flytrap!

You have a pool table? Don't go to gamblin' now, ya hear? :-)

For some reason California looks beautiful. With the big rocks, gargantuan pinecones, and houses built into a hill, the place just screams "PRETTY!"

YOU PUT THE FAMILY SECRET RECIPE OF DR. PEPPER SALAD ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB? HOW COULD YOU?! lol...I'm just kidding...It's not Thanksgiving without it, huh?

Will you guys get to come home for Thanksgiving? I know your family will miss you if you don't.

I love you both....

Talkin' Texan said...

I want to find somewhere OTHER THAN Wal-Mart to get my hair done.

I don't know how to play pool and I can promise I won't put any money on the table. I'm sure there is at least one in the 55+ crowd here that is a shark.

Parts of California are pretty. But like anywhere... other parts are not. Some parts are hard to see because the air is so filled with smog.

No, we won't be home for Thanksgiving. We will miss all our family VERY MUCH! We have not decided if we will get a couple of frozen turkey dinners from the store or if we will go to Marie Calendars and spend way to much money to stuff ourselves way to full. But either way, we won't enjoy the festive time with family, so I doubt the food will taset as good. Yet we remain thankful for all God's blessings.

We are hoping and planning to be home Christmas.

We love you too.

Brittney said...

OK. So we just thought we had really big things in Texas, but I guess they win in the pinecone department. I have not ever in my life seen any that large. I just had my hair cut last Friday. I went to a place called Cost Cutters. It is the best haircut I have had since I have moved down here. I really have had a hard time myself finding someone. I hope Megan stays at that Cost Cutters, but they way people change jobs and move around down here I just don't know. Have you found a place yet. Well I guess I have taken up enough time. Hope to hear more from you here and since I have finally figured out how to leave a comment I will do so more often.

Talkin' Texan said...

Well, I had too much Texan Pride to admit that the pinecones are possibly bigger in CA. But you know, I've not been all over the great state of Texas (It is so big you know) and there just might be pinecones this big. :)

I did finally get my hair cut. This is a "retirement community" so the little shop I found (withing walking distance from our campground) did cuts, sets, and tints. The cut turned out okay, but I was scared to ask for highlights. I was just glad I didn't find myself in rollers and sitting under the dryer. ;)