Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged

When I was a child (and when I had children & young nieces and nephews) I played a game called Chase. Some of the city kids called it tag, but us country kids called it Chase. I'm sure you know the game. One kid is IT and IT has to chase all the other kids around and try to touch one of them, thus making that kid IT. There was always a base -- an object that the kids being chased could touch and be protected from becoming IT. All the kids playing the game would usually gang up on the slow-poke of the group and make him (or in my case her) IT. They would run around taunting the slow IT until they were board with making fun and teasing, then one of them would slow down long enough to get touched or tagged, then they would be IT for a while. But, almost always, right before the game ended, (recess was over or your mom called you in to eat or take a bath) someone would tag ol' slow-poke and she would remain IT until the next time the group got together to play.

Well, low and behold if this don't beat all. This is about as crazy as reality TV but I've been tagged over the Internet! And I didn't even know I was playing chase! Leave it to the kids to think up a new game that allows them to pick on us ol' slow-pokes and never get their backsides off the couch! (Where's base?)

This new game my niece introduced me to is 123 Meme. To play the game I'm supposed to pick up the nearest book of over 123 pages. Turn to page 123 and find the first 5 sentences. Then I'm supposed to type the next three sentences. Then I'm supposed to TAG five more people and make then do the same thing.

Now, I see history repeating itself. I used to be the slow-poke so I could never catch anybody and make them IT. Now my problem is this... I don't know five people who read my blog that have blogs that I can tag. I'm going to be stuck being IT until Jesus comes again!

But I promised my niece I would play her new game with her, so here's my three sentences taken from page 123 of The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg. (Published by Zoondervan) It just so happens that the first sentence after the first five sentences starts a quote by Bonhoeffer.

Often we combat our evil thoughts most effectively if we absolutely refuse to allow them to be expressed in words...It must be a decisive rule of every Christian fellowship that each individual is prohibited from saying much that occurs to him. (end of Bonhoeffer quote)

This behavior flies in the face of the conventional wisdom today, when saying "everything that occurs to you" is taken as an essential component of mental health.

Now, any of you folks out there that read my blog and have a blog, feel free to consider yourselves IT. Leave a comment so I'll know who you are!

Love ya Sarah!


God's Gal Sarah said...

AAAAA! This is so confusing--and maddening...I'm playing by "house rules" and therefore disregard any rules I can't understand. So--nice post and thank you for playing along in this ridiculous game. :-)
I love you too.

Brittney said...

Is it not interesting what you find when you are not looking. I love your pictures. When will you get to come home? All that travel....how (fun?) it would be..so different than getting up every morning and going into the office and seeing the same people everyday. But than again there is some comfort in seeing the same old people everyday. I had not thought of that came "Chase" in a really long time. if it makes you feel any better I was usually "IT" way to much.

Life has been busy here, but I love it like that. Before to long things will change again. But as someone once told me
"The only constant in life is Change" Guess it is a good thing that I can bend like the wind or I would be stark raving mad.

Have a safe trip home.