Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Project Continued

I just now realized that I'm going to have a problem coming up with titles for all my Project 365 posts. Especial for days like these last few. Life has definitely NOT been dashing and bold. Unless, of course, I drop a piece of mail on the way back from the mail box, and with the wind blowing like it does here, then I might be seen DASHING after it. But besides that, dull and uneventful sums up the end of the week.

Here are my dull and uneventful photos. (I'm only a week into this yearlong hobby and I'm already having a hard time finding something fun and exciting to capture.)

 Hubby took this photo. Storm clouds building. We got just a quick sprinkle that barely wet the ground, but communities all around us experienced a little stormy weather complete with hail and tornadoes. Thankfully no serious damage was reported. (But if your livelihood depends on storm damage, you might be a little disappointed that more roofs weren't dinged up a little.) Yeah, we are needing work.

Can you see the windmill spinning? The last couple days the wind had been--well--down right horrible. I'm amazed sometimes that all our trees stay rooted. The wind triggers my allergies, so I cough and cough and ... I though you'd rather see a picture of the wind mill. (You're welcomed.)

We have three of these benches in our yard. Time and the elements have taken a toll. It is time for a little sprucing up. Above is the before photo and below is the after picture.

A little planing, a little slopping on of some tinted weather proofing stuff, a little wire brushing, a little spray painting...and wah-la! Good as new.

Today begins a new week, and it finds me hoping for answered prayers, encouragement, and yes, maybe even a little adventure.



LaVon Baker said...

I, for one, am enjoying all of your pictures. I absolutely love pictures of the clouds and we were describing the big fluffy white clouds of Texas and Oklahoma to someone out here in AZ today. I miss them, but will see them soon!!

Edie said...

We had a pretty good storm Friday night. I thought of you but alas, I still have my roof.

Hey what about those tornadoes that hit three states? You didn't get any work from that?

Still praying for you!!

Karen said...

I enjoyed your pictures and's hoping for a little adventure for you in the coming week....

Talkin' Texan said...

Are you coming to Texas? Woo Hoo! Where in Texas? It's the best place on the planet you know. :)

Thanks for the prayers, and no--not enough damaged of insured homes to call out the CAT team. We learned they deployed 3 adjusters but sadly we were not one of them.

Thanks! I'm hoping and looking for that is where we make it.

Diana said...

Love the bench!

kanishk said...

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