Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's my story--in pictures

It seems like I've had a busy week, but I don't know why it seems that way. I didn't do anything unusual or out of the ordinary. I'm amazed that I feel so busy yet didn't accomplish anything--besides wash and dry a few loads of laundry, carry out a half dozen bags of garbage, vacuum, scrub the toilet, cook, wash lots of dirty dishes over and over and over know...all that domestic goddess kind of stuff.

Oh wait!  I've jumped ahead a couple of days. Let's back up to last Sunday, May 16. Over a week has passed and still no refrigerator. Well, not a WORKING refrigerator. I had spent about $10 on ice to keep $4 worth of milk, my beloved cream cheese, and three packages of lunch meat cool. That's why when I saw this...
I almost cried. Yes boys and girls, that is ICE! Our neighbors dumped precious, pricey ice out on the ground to let it melt in the sun. I thought about running out and scooping it up, but I didn't.

What stopped me?

First of all, I knew the neighbors would see me, and I thought I might look pretty pathetic. I hate looking pathetic. And secondly--remember last week when I went around the campground taking pictures? Well, one of the other residents of the park (I won't mention any names because the lady is now my friend and I don't want her to think I'm picking on her. You know who you are. *wink wink*) was a little concerned about my strange and somewhat suspicious behavior. I think maybe she reported me to the campground managers as someone they should keep an eye on. All I needed was for another resident to tell the managers I was picking up melting ice from the ground and washing it off with my tears. I'd be writing this post from a padded cell somewhere.

Instead of letting my neighbors see me gathering their discarded ice, I let them watch me take a picture of it. We've not been evicted yet! Yeah, I'm surprised too.

Monday was a wonderful and glorious day! Early in the morning I called the traveling RV repair guy to see if he had any encouraging words about the part to fix my nonfunctional refrigerator. YES! My job was on his list of things to do that day!!!!
It was quite an ordeal. Everything including the shelves had to come out, the handles taken off, the whole thing pulled out and placed face down in my floor, a half a gillion screws removed, and the entire back side of it pried off.
Can you see, in the upper right corner of this photo, the bright spot of daylight? When he pulled the thing out, it left a big opening to the outdoors. Y'all remember I'm in Mississippi, right? And this time of year, Mississippi is warm--very warm. And humid. Monday was very VERY humid.

(I'm telling you about the weather just so you can have a realistic sense of my know, all that dashing and bold stuff.) Anyway, it was hot and humid, and while the guy was removing all the screws and prying the old cooling unit off, I shut off the AC in the camper because by now all the neighbor's ice was melted, so I saw no need in trying to cool the outdoors.

After the repairman got it all taken apart and some old goopy stuff scraped off and wiped up, (which took a good bit of time) he was ready to start putting it back together with the new part. But then he noticed--he needed a new tube of the goopy stuff he had just scraped off and that tube wasn't included in the box with the new cooling unit. (Apparently it was supposed to be there but was missing.)  So, he had to "run to the shop for just a minute" to get a tube he knew he had on hand.


With a gaping hole to the outdoors, temperatures in the high eighties with humidity levels equal to or above the temperature, my "ice box" and I waited. While I waited, I wondered...Is this the dashing part or the bold part?

In the end, the repair was completed, I had dinner out one more night, and 24 hours later, my refrigerator was cold. I HAD ICE!  Oh glorious day!!!

The rest of the week just kind of rocked along.
These little finches came to my feeder. I've had cow birds and starling too. The cow birds made a mess with the seeds, scooting them from the feeder to the ground, and the starling are just ugly, mean, and rude.

Did you know that if you smear a little dab a big chunk of cream cheese on top of a granola bar, you will have a very yummy breakfast?

Once the refrigerator and freezer finally got good and cold, we headed to the grocery store. It was with mixed emotions  I made my purchases. It was good to know I had food in the camper, but that also meant that I had to start cooking again. No more dinners out.

I get a kick out of the regional foods found in the markets. Just to name a few--New England stores have Whoopie Pies, North Carolina stores have Cheerwine, and in the deep south you find green tomatoes. Good and tart, ready to slice and fry.

Every evening, about dusk, hubby and I try to take a walk around the RV park. There are about five or six killdeer that hang out here. They are so cute. I love to watch them. They are some of my favorite little birds. It's not easy to get their picture because they don't like to sit still for very long, and when they move, they run fast. This photo turned out a bit blurry so I played with it in edit mode. Call it art rather than a bad photo, okay?

I don't know what happened Saturday, but obviously I was SO busy working SO hard that I forgot to take any pictures. (That's my story, and as long as my park resident neighbors don't tell on me, I'm sticking to it.)


Karen said...

I LOVE how you tell stories...washing the melting ice with your tears? Oh, girl, you kill me...

Glad you got your fridge working....

Becky said...

Green tomatoes, huh? I have fixed them one time and was not impressed. Love your stories but hate thinking of changing out a fridge! Yikes. And when I saw that ice on the ground - well, I understand your pain. So do you like Mississippi?

Deanna said...

Loooooovvve fried green tomatoes !! But then...I'm from the South.

Talkin' Texan said...

Thank are so encouraging! :-D

So did you turn those green tomatoes in corn meal and fry until golden? Sorry you didn't care for them, but I guess it is an acquired taste. Just like the red ones, home grown green ones taste better than store-bought.

I do like Mississippi, what little I've experienced it. I make a point to find something to like about every place we "live." Life is too short to do otherwise. ;)

Yeah Deanna--we southern bells love those things! My mom use to fry them up and top open-faced broiled cheese sandwiches with them. Makes my spit buds juice up just thinking about it! Felix's Fish Camp in Mobil serves their to die for crab cakes on top of to die for fried green tomatoes. That's a combination that is too delicious to describe! Oh MY Goodness! hummm I Wonder if I could make it to Mobile in time for supper.

Deanna said...

Meet you there !!! I looooooovvve crab cakes too. BTW, your "open-faced broiled cheese sandwiches"? We call those cheese toast! Different part of the South I guess?

sharilyn said...

"...All I needed was for another resident to tell the managers I was picking up melting ice from the ground and washing it off with my tears..." i could just SEE this... so sad but so funny all at the same time!!! :) thanks for the delightful smile you brought to my face!! and glad you got some cold refrigeration back in order!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like whoopie pies.

Diana said...

Hope things are going better!!

Talkin' Texan said...

I'm so happy I could help you to smile. That makes my day! :)

Anonymous, (I hate referring to you as "anonymous"--you are anything BUT!) lol I know you like whoopie pies. I like a half of a whoopie pie. They are soooo sweet. I liked the pumpkin and maple the best.

Things are going well nice to have ice!