Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week Three Continued

The flatness of the Texas Panhandle is accentuated at sunset. We were still a few hours from home when the sun left our sky. At this exact moment, it looked as if we were going to drive straight into the giant ball of fire. One of those "wow" moments. Any minute I thought the entire sky might burst into flames.

When you spend a lot of time whizzing, or should I say DASHING down highways, you get a few of these.

And when you spend days at a time doing all that dashing, the world just kind of whizzes by your window and life becomes a blur.
I think I should title this photo Reflections. I was playing with all the fancy settings on my camera that I don't know what they are for or how to use them and what I came up with is almost creepy. Yes the world is whizzing by yet my lap (which you can see reflecting in the truck window) remains motionless. Check out the rear-view mirror. In the little part you can see the truck and where we've been while in the larger piece of glass you can see me holding the camera plus the air vent that is in the dash. The photo is just a mess but I find it an interesting mess. Oh, and by the way, just in case you were wondering, I WANTED the trees to look blurry, so I guess I succeeded. Now if only I could remember how I used those camera settings to do that!

I-40 between Amarillo and where we were bound is not very exciting. We've traveled that stretch of highway more than a few times. I usually nap or read because I'm not too interested in the scenery. It's not very picture worthy...except when...
you pass some trucks hauling a bunch of chickens. I don't know why I think a semi-truck full of chickens  is funny, but I do. A  truck full of cows? Not funny. But chickens? Okay, so I laughed out loud at the poor birds and their feathers flapping in the wind. Report me to PETA! I'll turn myself in after I have lunch at KFC.

We didn't have time to stop at KFC for lunch after all. Here is our convenient store lunch, "to go." The grace I whispered over this meal ended with, "and please protect our innards. Amen." (That might be a bit like jumping from the roof of a five story building and praying you don't break any bones when you land, but I said it just the same.)
Mine was the green tea, the mushy grilled chicken tortilla thing that was wrapped in the foil, and the Sun Chips. Rick had the half gallon of soda, the fried what-ever-it-was in the red paper bag and the wonderfully garlic flavored oily bag of Gardetto's.
His is the very skinny, even bony thigh you see in this photo. Mine was the fat  less bony one in the reflection picture. Proof there is no justice in this world!!!!

After a while, when you spend too much time dashing, you have to stop and wash the windshield. I think we hit more than just a few bugs along the way. Or did they hit us? It's one of life's great debates.
Double YUCK!
And here we are...
...arrived! This is our "outdoor living area." Hey, I'm not complaining! This place has a pool, a hot tub, paved roads, concrete patios,...and it doesn't even call itself a resort!



Karen said...

Love the photo journal...you do a great job...

I have whispered a similar "grace" on several occasions....

Talkin' Texan said...

Thank Karen,
About an hour after I ate that chicken thing my innards prompted me to pray again! I did and was okay. Whew! :)

Edie said...

I see I have missed a couple of days.

It's a good thing you have a child's guide to bug splatters. So which bugs were those on your windshield? :)

I noticed the photos with the bug splats weren't graced with your signature. Aren't you concerned that someone might try to claim those photos as their own? :)

I like your reflections photo and I didn't even need the explanation. :D

I love how you make your outdoor living area look homey.

...help us, O LORD our God, for we trust in You...2 Chronicles 14:11

He answered their prayers, because they trusted in him. 1 Chronicles 5:20

And the LORD shall help them and deliver them... And save them, Because they trust in Him. Psalm 37:40

Can you tell what I've been doing tonight? Thought I would share. :)