Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adiós Wyoming

The work here slowed from a trickle to a drip, and we had that feeling...
So over the weekend we decided to take another little trip, just in case we had to leave soon. I'm glad we did because sure enough, tonight is our last night here in Wyoming. We have enjoyed the cool temperatures more than words can express, and the scenery...Oh the scenery! Yes, I feel blessed to have been here.

There is so much gorgeous landscape to see in this area, it was hard to decide where to go in our limited time. We decided it would be bad to be this close to Mt. Rushmore and not go see it. We took the long way around--the scenic route.

I snapped 175 photos! Don't worry, I'm going to post only a portion of them, and I'm not going to do it at one time. You're going to have to come back again to see them all.

The drive to Mt. Rushmore is a bit over two hours, so we left Saturday afternoon after hubby finished working so we could have all day Sunday for fun. (And the return trip) The clouds were ominous.
Is it just me or does the sky look like it has cellulite?

 We spent the night at Custer, South Dakota, and I ate buffalo prime roast for supper. It was SO yummy. The potato was overdone and hard, and the bread was not browned--barely warm, but the buffalo was very very good!

The next day the scenic route to Mt. Rushmore took us through Custer State Park which is home to a lot of buffalo.
Some of them were a little intimidating.
Some of them just wanted to cuddle.

They all had the right of way!

From the rough and robust to the dainty and delicate...So much eye candy!

A couple of wild turkey were courting as we drove past, but when we backed up to take their picture, they got a little shy and headed for cover.
The park, part of the Black Hills, is beautiful with several places to camp, ride horses, and even stay in comfort at a few resorts as well.

As we continued on the winding narrow road, we looked way off into the distance, there it was...
Can you see it? That mountain in the center of the picture? Can you see the white spot on the near end? That's right! Mount Rushmore National Monument.

The closer we got to the mountain, the more of these there were.

There were a few tunnels along the road.
 I'm so glad I didn't have to drive that bus through there.

 Upon reading something somewhere along the way, hubby discovered that great planning went into building the road to and from the monument. The tunnels were cut out of the massive rocks first then the road was built to connect all the tunnels. Why you ask? So that every time you go through a tunnel, you have a perfect view of the presidents.
(Thank goodness for my zoom button.)
I can't begin to describe how beautiful the Black Hills are. I think I could spend about six weeks hiking and taking pictures, taking pictures and smelling the pines, listening to the streams and taking pictures...

I love to try to find an interesting or different perspective for my photos every now and then. These massive mountains offer a bit of a challenge. It is hard to fit massive in a view finder.

Okay, it is time to call it quits--for now. In the morning early we will pull in the slides, hook on, and hit the highway. Destination--Omaha, Nebraska. It's a "storm" already in progress. The adjusters working it are a little "behind" and hubby has been assigned the task of helping them "catch up." We've been told it will be a very short assignment. There's no such thing as job security in this business, but I'm staying positive. Two weeks of work is better than two weeks of unemployment! Thank you Lord!

I may not get a chance to post the rest of my pictures for a few days since we are relocating, changing time zones, and all that jazz. But check back soon. I'll do my best.



LaVon Baker said...

I love the Black Hills, too. And Mount Rushmore brought tears to my eyes, especially after I read how much dedication went into creating it. Where is that patriotism today?

I sure do love your pictures.

Talkin' Texan said...
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Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks LaVon.
I agree that sometimes it seems like patriotism is lacking these days. An indifference seems to rule.
I do believe though that there are some young people in our country today that are true patriots, willing to work to make America great. I'm looking forward to seeing how they will demonstrate their love for the USA. They may not carve faces in mountains, but I have a feeling they will leave their mark non the less!