Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yippee Ti Yi Yo

Get along little dogies! Yep we made it to Wyoming safely on Tuesday afternoon.

I have been somewhat droopy and brain dead ever since. It's the time zone issue I think. We are now on the far east side of the mountain time zone. Even though we "gained an hour"--gaining usually bothers me less than losing an hour--I still feel all mixed up. The sun comes up really early because we are on the eastern side of the zone and because we are so far north. (This time of the year the north pole is leaning toward the sun...thus making for LONG days.)

I'm still trying to get a new routine worked out. I don't know why I bother...really! We are planning to relocate again tomorrow. Okay stop laughing. I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain.

The town where hubby is working is Gillette, WY. It is a "boom town" of about 20,000 people with only two RV parks. Both of them are managed by very rude unfriendly people, and they are both, um, well, let's just say they are NOT RESORTS! The worst part is that neither place really wanted to rent to us because they are expecting a bunch of pipeline workers in at the end of the month and they wanted to save their spots for those workers. Now I'm thinking my money should be just as good as the next fellow's, but I guess I am wrong.

We stopped almost 70 miles short of Gillette in Sundance and set up camp in a park that appears to have been, at one time, a KOA. It is nothing special, but it is clean, quiet, and the managers are very nice and friendly. They were happy to rent us a spot--but come August (if we are still here) when the bikers come rolling in for the big rally in Sturgis, SD, the lady says they are always "booked full".

Hummm. Bikers and pipeline workers. It all sounds like more "fun" than I want to have. I've never seen too many bikers, babes, or backhoe operators hanging out at the library, so when I need to get out of the house, maybe that's where you'll find me. (Since I DO try to stay out of trouble when we are so far from home, and since you might not want to see pictures of all the fun you're missing.)

Anyway, hubby is having to commute an hour each way every day to work. That is costly in fuel as well as time. It is always nice for him to be able to live and work in the same place. He has found  a mobile home park in Gillette where he thinks we can stay. It won't have the conveniences of a campground such as Wi-Fi, swimming pool, or laundry room, but it will save us a lot of time and a little money in the long run. So the plan at this moment is to relocate tomorrow. It will be short trip.

(You know, I'm so sad I'll miss the bikers and their "mama's".)

I thought I'd better show you some pictures before I move on down the road.

Because we didn't get a chance to sight see in Mississippi, I just HAD to take a picture of something in that area...
So here is some sort of monument that is actually in Tennessee. We passed it every time we went in to Memphis to church.

I thought it was cool. As you drive past, the thing seems to change color. I have to tell you, it looks cooler driving past than it does walking around it. That's why I took 10 pictures of it...trying to get the same affect as when we sped past it going 70 mph. Oh well, guess you had to be there.

It hasn't been that long ago that we were on the road, so I didn't want to show you more pictures of bugs splattered on the windshield, but rest assured, we had plenty of them.

I did snap this out the window as we whizzed by. We traveled across South Dakota on I-90 just skirting The Bad Lands.
We passed every exit to every attraction in the area including Mt. Rushmore, but we did stop at Wall Drug and walked around just to stretch our legs a bit. Hubby even took time to scratch a buffalo.

Now here are some pictures from my vantage point here at the RV park. This first one is the little mountain I see out my big "living room" window.
And here is the mountain I see out my door. We've had a lot of beautiful clouds and some rain.

An occasional iris dots the bank behind our RV. You know I can't pass up a photo op with a pretty flower.
Some evenings have been quite cool. So cool I had to warm my toes by our fake fire.

On Wednesday we had to go to Wal-Mart (our closest one is 30 miles away in South Dakota) to get some printer paper and file folders. We took a wrong turn *wink wink* when we got to town that took us through a small part of the Black Hills National Forest. I took my camera!

Oh dear, look at the time! I must go now. I I have a bit of packing up to do for our move tomorrow, and the hamper is full again! You'll just have to wait to see the pictures I took on our way to Wal-Mart.  I'll post them soon!



LaVon Baker said...

I'm praying the new location will bring you divine appointments that you will cherish forever.

Edie said...

I love your view of the mountains. Too bad you didn't get to stay there. I hope you have a great weekend!
Love ya girl!