Sunday, October 10, 2010

The projects

What in the world is wrong with me?
I'm like a cow on locoweed.

I can't stop myself! I can't seem to control myself. I'm doing needles,thread, hooks, yarn, scraps, patterns, how-to books and videos, scissors, paper, pictures, batting, more patterns..., and I'm constantly looking for something new to try--mixing my fixes!
I need HELP! Is there such a thing as Crafters Anonymous?

Hello, my name is Lavonda and I'm an addict--maybe. How do you know when your hobbies are out of control? I think I might be there.

 I've written before about how the changing fall weather always makes me uneasy even though fall is my favorite time of the year. In the fall my anxiety level is high, and I get that intuitive feeling that doom and gloom might be lurking around every corner. This fall is no exception. In fact, as we are "camped" here at home (fair weather is abundant across the country and no hurricanes have managed to make landfall) that uneasy feeling is running rampant and is easily justified. I am, after all, female. And for me, like most females, knowing that money is coming in at a steady and generous pace seems to help calm my fears and chase away the feelings of doom and gloom. (Can I get an AMEN?)

I know I'm hard to live with sometimes. Everyone is. But when there is no work and no paycheck and I have fall induced Eeyore syndrome, I can be VERY hard to live with. I'm surprised hubby didn't choked me long ago.

Aware of my fault, I  desire to try and change my perspective so that I won't drive my hubby quite so crazy. (I think that was something I decided to do in 2010.) Along with that, lately I have felt a direction to invest myself in the life of someone else. Now I know WHAT I need to do, the only problem is--I don't exactly know HOW to do it. I've been thinking about it...

I think I've got squirrels running around where most people have brains. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but I don't have just one squirrel--I have a BUNCH. And they are all running in different directions. (This post is proof.) Anyway---

My efforts to change my perspective and invest myself has thrown me into a crafting frenzy. I have a friend who said I just need a creative outlet. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just crazy. Either way, I have so many projects going at once that I can't decide what to do! The worst part is, all I can think about is starting another one!

Since we've been home, I've made three sets of scrubs for one of my kids, put together a scrap book for my mom that I should have done a year ago, started a quilt (I've never done any quilting before), crocheted a pomp-a-doodle scarf, and taught myself to knit. (I'm not good at it yet.) I've got a plastic canvas project I want to do for the granddaughters, (borrowed the pattern from my sister) at least a dozen sewing projects that I have fabric and or patterns for, yarn and pattern for a shawl I want to make, a crochet baby blanket in progress, a newly purchased quilt pattern for the second quilt I want to make though I've only begun the first,...I could go on.

And what about that photo project I started a while back? The one where I take a picture every day and post them all here on my blog. Speaking of blogs, hasn't it been over a month since I posted anything? Someone tell me: do I have a problem?

One thing's for sure. I have been successful in distracting myself from negative thinking. I've kept my little squirrels very busy, and my husband and I are still happily married. So can an addiction be a good thing? Can being out of control help one control what is usually beyond her control?

What's that you ask? You want my recipe for locoweed tea?
Sure, I'll get one of my squirrels to fetch it for you.

p.s. I'll be back later to discuss helping me "invest" in other lives. Right now I've got to go to church.



Misty said...

Too, too funny, my friend! You are so hysterical! I'd take your squirrels over what is going on in our lives right now, but I don't want to lose the mood from reading your blog, so I'm not going into it. I think it's fabulous that you have time to do crafts - I would LOVE to have enough time on my hands to do all the things I've got started or know what I want to do with and just can't get enough hours in the day to do.
Amen on the money situation for sure!
Enjoy your addiction!

Penelope said...

This was a fantastic blog. Mom read it out loud to me, and I just had to comment. I have the same addiction as you right now. It's like I can't get enough crafts. I love it, though. :-) After two years of grad school, it's nice to finally have some time to do my crafts. I'm glad you are having fun!!

Penelope (Megan)

Talkin' Texan said...

Misty and Penelope, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad I'm not alone in my "crafting problem."
Misty, I hope things will get better for you soon. You know how to get in touch with me--let me know how I can pray for you. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!
Now, I'm about to write my next post (finally) and Penelope, please consider using your skills and joining me.

Edie said...

Oh Lavonda you just described my life! AHHH! I have been in serious declutter mode this year because of all the craft projects I was going to do and they are still waiting for me. My granddaughters think I have a craft store in my house. Well actually, their right. There isn't much you can't find here if you want to do a project.

Talkin' Texan said...

Edie, I'm afraid of clutter. I can't have clutter in my little RV home and that's why I think I've lost my mind to even try to do the crafty things that I love to do.
Hubby has been so patient with the mess. The upside is...I HAVE to complete things...can't just work on them until I'm tired of it and put it in the closet. Well--okay--I've done some of that in the RV but it HAS TO STOP NOW! lol
I chant, "I will not buy more yarn until my current project is finished" over and over again.
Again...I'm so glad I'm not alone. I guess it's a "gurl thang", huh?