Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Poll

I'm glad that some of you are participating in my poll. I find it interesting that so far all of you have picked the same choice, especially since failure is not my number one choice. I thought I would make a post so if you would like to comment on your reasons for your choice, you would have a place to do that. You will be required to let me know who you are, but if you would like to make a comment and not have it published, that is possible. Just let me know in you comment that you don't want it published and I'll honor your wishes. I'm just interested in what you think.
I guess I must be the odd bird, but I find the fear of rejection much more overpowering for me. If I fail at something, well, at least I tried and and can try again. I can work at improving myself or my skills -- whatever it takes to try again and eventually succeed. But to be rejected, tossed aside, ignored, no use to anybody... That bothers me. I know I will be rejected by this world because I have chosen to follow Christ. He was rejected. Rejection in that light doesn't bother me so much, but to be rejected by family or friends, fellow believers, people I look up to or admire hits a tender nerve.
Now, let me know what you are thinking.

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