Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have You Ever Read The Phone Book?

I've been busy!

Rick's parents left this morning after spending an enjoyable week here with us in Mobile. Golden Corral did our cooking for Thanksgiving Day, so I didn't have to wash dishes. That's something to be very thankful about. There were enough sunny warm days mixed in with all the wet, windy, cold days this last week that we were able to work in some sight seeing and shopping. (I've got a few pictures to post--check back later.) Overall it was a good holiday and visit.

Rick didn't have to work on Thanksgiving Day. It was the first day off he has had since October 7th. Saturday was his birthday, and since his parents were here, he took another day off. It was nice having him around.

Now I hope to get back to my routine and find some time to get caught up on my blog reading and writing. To start, I've been tagged by a friend from way back over at Losing Myself. It's one of those "pick up the nearest book" tags. I'm supposed to turn to page 56, go to the fifth line then type the next couple of lines.

Well, the book nearest me at the moment is the Mobile phone book. Humm. Not a real interesting read if you ask me. But I turned to page 56 anyway. There are a lot of people in Mobile with the last name of Brown. Page 56 is one of the 4+ pages of Browns. Line 5 includes Donald, Franklin, and JE (across the page). I don't think I should bother letting you know the address and phone numbers--though they are public information, what's the point? Really.

Getting tagged can be fun, and it can be downright weird when you are supposed to type a paragraph out of--the phone book. I think I'm supposed to "tag" other people so they can blog about their book-at-hand. Some people hate getting forward emails and some love it. Some bloggers hate getting "tagged" and others love it. So, if you like memes and playing blog tag, consider yourself "It." And if you don't like to play blog games, then just go about your business, read your phone book, but don't worry about writing a post about it!

It's bedtime for me now, so I guess I'll get my granny glasses and my phone book and head off to bed for a short evening read before drifting off to dream of Yellow Pages and Business Listings. Maybe I'll wake inspired to--I don't know--call information!?!


Losing Myself said...

Now I am just giggling! (and I thought the Baptist Hymanl was strange!)

Brittney said...

ok, what is just so strange about reading the phone book. I find myself doing that quite often. ( No I am not looking up numbers to call either). I don't know why I do it, but sometimes you just have to read something. ( I even find myself reading last years phone and comparing it to this years phone book.) Strange, but you know they all saw we all are crazy...some people just hide it better than others.

Cindy said...

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to do this. Here is the book that is closest to me and was for almost a week. It is such a good book. Here is what it says:
"He extended every kindness and courtesy he could to his new friends, especially Mack.
Now came the hardest part, waiting. Mack felt like he was moving in slow motion inside the eye of a hurricane of activity happening all around him. Reports filtered in from everywhere."
This is from the book "The Shack"
Have an awesome day.

Talkin' Texan said...

Sounds more interesting than the phone book for sure! Thanks for sharing it with us.