Friday, December 19, 2008

How to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done In a Hurry!

Okay, just one more post.

I know y'all are all worried about my getting all my stuff done. So I wanted to let you know that the shopping is finished as far as I'm concerned. And here's how you can get it done as quickly as I did!


It's a secret, so don't tell...

If you don't like that idea because it is not personal enough, just include a note that says, "Spend it all on green underwear!" How much more personal can you get?
Merry Christmas!
OOPS! Now if my kids read this, they will all know what they are getting for Christmas!


Tricia said...

I think it is a lose-lose situation for us! If we read it, we know what we are getting...if we don't know, then that means that we didn't read it. That doesn't turn out well for us either!

Carol said...

Why can't I shop this year? It is the weekend before Christmas and I have lots to get yet. I really do not want or need anything....not sure the kids and grandkids feel that way, so I had better get going...if all else it will be. Thanks. Carol

Walter Mitty said...

My parents and brothers and I have decided we no longer need anything so we have told each other our favorite charities and give in each other's name. We learned that the tax deduction goes to the person who gave no matter whose name they gave it in.


Edie said...

Cash works. You're busting your patooties to get home to spend Christmas with everyone right? :D

Safe travels my friend, and if they don't want the cash I'll be glad to send you my address. lol!

Deanna said...

Everybody butme got cash!

HA! Just had to post here because my "word" is "butme".

P.S. I love that Walter Mitty always posts his "word".

Talkin' Texan said...

Those words can be a lot of fun.
You should go visit Mr. Mitty at his blog. He is a really nice guy with a really sweet wife and a wonderful son and an almost perfect daughter-in-law whose mom is one cool lady! (ha ha ha) If you visit "Mr. Mitty" be sure to tell him I sent you and that I've missed his comments here.
Thanks. ;)