Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Again, I Hope I Win!

Well I didn't do so well with the book give-away. But, if you remember, I really didn't have much hope.

This time I'm trying to win a blog makeover. (Cross your fingers, your toes, your eyes...)

I've looked at those free blog designs, and some of them are really nice. But my problem is that I'm too unlearned when it comes to trying to install the thing, and the way I understand the instructions, trying to get my sidebar stuff into a new layout would be a real pain. And you all know how much I fret over my sidebar!

Anyway, there is a nice lady over at Rich Gifts Graphic and Blog Design that does beautiful work, and she is giving away a CUSTOM (I love that word) let me repeat, a CUSTOM blog make-over! How sweet is that?

I increase my chances of winning by putting her tag in my sidebar and posting about the give-away. So Edie, here's my post!!!

Now, you all need to rush right over there and visit her. She has a good heart, a desire for Jesus, and really pretty blog. Even if you don't have a blog, you will enjoy checking out Rick Gifts.


Cindy said...

I think that you are doing a great job at getting all this stuff on your blog. I tried to do some of this and I could not even figure out how to get anything on the page. I as well meant to tell you the other day that I did notice that you changed your puzzles. I have not gotten a chance to do them. I love the house at the top. It is so pretty and I love victorian houses. My dream that will probably never come true is to live in one of those at the farm. I hope that you have a wonderful week.

Tricia said...

Did you take the picture of the house?

Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks for your comment. And if you do get a blog up and going (or if you do have one) you'd better give me the address so I can stop by and say "HI." It's not hard to do a simple one (like mine)once you get the hang of it.

Yes I took the picture of the house in my header. It is actually an inn. I snapped it out the window of the truck as we passed it on the way to the beach.

Cindy said...

About the best I have been able to do is a facebook. I am still playing around with it. I have finally figured out how to fine some people. Maybe someday I will again play around with trying to get a blog. I will certainly let you know if I do. In the mean time I will continue to read the ones I read and enjoy them.

Edie said...

Hi Lavonda! That's 17 entries! Great work girl. Now just sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows, and relax. :)

Love the Christmas Header! Great photo for out of the window of the truck!