Monday, April 21, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

It was another first. When we pulled into our graveled site at the Mayberry campground we did a double take. Those were not ordinary rocks keeping our rig out of mud. It was beautiful white granite!
Now if any of you have priced granite counter tops these days, you might break into a nervous sweat just thinking about driving on the pricey rocks. We were instantly impressed. We soon discovered that Mt. Airy is home to the largest open-face granite quarry in the world.

We drove up to the quarry and took a few pictures. We were standing on a mountain of solid granite. We were impressed with the trees that were rooted in the beautiful and very hard rock.

(You can see the rest of my quarry pictures by clicking on the title of this post. When you are on the Flickr page, click on each picture to get a close-up looke at the granite.)
I'd love to show you the beautiful sights from our drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway--a scenic drive along the tops of the mountains. But just like the time we drove up to the Grand Canyon, the fog was so thick we could see nothing. At times it was hard to see the road in front of us.
Okay. So from Atlanta, GA to Charolett, NC then on to Mt. Airy, NC and finally to Charleston, WV for a one-day non vacation day. Rick spent the day in class and I spent part of the day doing laundry and the rest of the day at the mall. (At least the whole day was not wasted.) ;)

There was no time for sight-seeing, but the Lord provided a peaceful place for us to spend the night. It was a church camp that had RV sites.
All nice vacations must come to an end. God is good to provide time off and beautiful things to see and do. He is also good to provide work. Yes, God is good, and to Him there is no end!

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