Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well, I promised to fill you in on more of our mini vacation. Most of our stops along the way were in campgrounds where wi-fi was not available, so I was not able to keep my promise in a timely manner. Now a week later, Rick is back to work. He is in his meeting that is held at the beginning of every assignment. I decided to camp out in the hotel lobby and blog a while. Due to some technical difficulties, the meeting was moved to the lobby, so here I sit with a bunch of adjusters in the middle of a conference call meeting where they are discussing state and storm issues. Talk about feeling out of place!

I will do my best to catch up, but it may take more than one post. So, if you want the full story, check back from day to day as I will try to get caught up.

First let me say that we have driven many miles. As we move along the highways I often entertain myself with mind games. (You all know that I'm just a little weird and my mind doesn't always track like a normal person's mind.) My mind games are a blast and can keep me smiling to myself for miles. It's great that I can do this because Rick is not a conversationalist.

This is how my game works: I look for highway signs and billboards that stir my quirky thought process. For example, we passed a sign which read Soft Shoulder. Instantly I have a mental picture of my sweet granddaughter snuggled and sleeping on her mother's soft shoulder. That picture gives me enough to think and pray about until we come to a Shoulder Drop Off sign. That somehow makes me think of a drive up window of some wonderful make believe business where I could drop my shoulders off for an hour long message. Oooh. That makes me want a little nap.

One large business along one interstate caught my attention with its sign. Fork Lifts Unlimited. I wondered for several miles just what a person could get as "options" on a fork lift. After all, if it is truly "unlimited" do you think I could get one with climate control, fully self-contained, with surround sound and HD TV? (I told you I was weird.)

Not far past the fork lift place I saw a HUGE billboard that said Topless and an exit number. Now remember I'm playing my little game and having a good time so I'm hoping for the best. Maybe it might be a place that sells nothing but convertible cars? Before I could think of anything else, wholesome and good, that might be topless, we passed the establishment that was advertised. Like a hammer to a snow globe--it was not a convertible car dealership. My game ended for the day and I started to read.

Don't worry, I still play my little game sometimes. I think my favorite road sign so far is one I saw just yesterday. It said Stay In Line. That's good instruction for all of us as we travel life's highways!

I had a fine moment during our R&R when we visited the Billy Graham Library. We walked down to the prayer garden where Mrs. Graham is buried. She must have played my little road mind game because the wording on her grave marker are the words she saw, and liked, on a road sign. "End of construction--Thank you for your patience."

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