Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mt. Airy (Mayberry) North Carolina

Okay, I'm slow. Rick's been back to work six days and I'm still talking about our few days of "vacation." I guess you could say that I'm savoring the moments.

After leaving the Charlotte area, we headed up to Mount Airy. This is the town where Andy Griffith grew up and also the town that the fictitious Mayberry was patterned after. I don't know about you, but I could watch The Andy Griffith Show reruns all day. We found the people to be very friendly, the scenery beautiful, and the pork chop sandwiches at the Snappy Lunch delicious!

And for any of you campers or RVs out there--if you are ever up that way, stay at the Mayberry Campground. It is still under construction but the accommodations are already nicer than some places we've stayed that are "well established." And talk about friendly folk! The guy that owns the place is friendlier than the little beagle pup that was running around. He is a descendant of one of the Bunker twins: Eng and Chang Bunker, the original Siamese Twins, who lived in Mount Airy. ( If you love to hear that North Carolina hill accent, then just pull up a chair and visit with him a while. You will definitely walk away with a smile on your face.

Here are a few photos I took while we were in Mt. Airy.

Here is the Snappy Lunch. It has been around since Andy Griffith was a boy and it was mentioned on one of the shows. Notice Floyd's Barber Shop next door.

And here is the Blue Bird Diner. We stopped in for some dessert.

We visited the near-by town and state park of Pilot Mountain. On the Andy Griffith show, this was known as Mount Pilot. Here is the mountain. We walked up to the pinnacle and hiked around it. The weather was perfect for our outdoor fun. The view was breathtaking. Though the colors resemble fall leaves, it is blooms and budding leaves that make up the beautiful colors.

Keep checking back. There's still more to show you.

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God's Gal Sarah said...

IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL...I WANT TO BE THERE TOO! Instead, I'm stuck here doing school...*sigh* You take such beautiful pictures. I look forward to seeing more.