Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"W" Favorites

I have been challenged by my niece Sarah to make a list of all my favorite things that start with the letter W. Hummm. Sarah is a sweet girl, but she picked the hardest letter she could think of for my challenge. Several “W” words pop into my mind, but they are not necessarily my “favorite” things. This is a difficult challenge indeed. Here is my list in no particular order of priority.

1. Words – I love to arrange them into sentences and paragraphs. I’m not good at spelling them.
2. “Wascally Wabbit” – My favorite Elmer Fudd quote.
3. Water – 0 calories and sustains all living things.
4. Wife – one of my favorite things to be.
5. Window – Better than solid walls because they let me see outside.
6. Wisdom – One of my favorite things to posses.
7. Winged creatures – I love birds.
8. Watermelon – My favorite summer time food.
9. Writing – One of my favorite pastimes.
10. Winning – Who doesn’t like to win?
11. Walks – Through the woods and along the beach.
12. Wading – Walking in water, so it has to be one of my favorite things.
13. Wage – One of my favorite things to get on a regular basis.
14. Wave – A favorite friendly gesture and beautiful water crashing on the beach.
15. Wassail – Non-alcoholic
16. We – More fun than me.
17. Weddings – A favorite gathering and celebration that brings folks together. (Always better than a funeral.)
18. Weekends – The best days of the week.
19. Welcomed – A favorite way to feel in a strange place.
20. Well – If I have a choice between being sick and being well, being well is my favorite.
21. West – My favorite direction when I am east of home.
22. Woman – It might as well be my favorite thing to be!

If you want to join in the challenge, leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter. I'd like to see your list!


God's Gal Sarah said...
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God's Gal Sarah said...

So good to see you and yours! Glad to be home for a little while? Thanks again for supper....Love ya!