Thursday, August 7, 2008

Around The Campground

I have to say that everyone has their own idea of adventure. I've not gone anywhere exciting or done anything news-worthy the last few days, but life can always be an adventure when you choose to make it one. Sometimes you have to overlook some things and look more closely at others. Here are a few pictures of my adventure around the Epsom Valley Campground. Try clicking on each one to enjoy some of the tiny details of nature.

On Wednesday the temperatures remained in the lower 60s all day and it rained, and rained, and rained. (Family and friends that have been suffering in the +100 degree temperatures in Texas, I'm sorry you have to read this part, but not too much. LOL) Rick wanted to turn on the heater but I wouldn't let him. So, he worked in his jacket. I always think it is funny that 60 degrees in August feels cold while 60 degrees in January feels warm. We are camped in the woods. That's not saying much because I've decided that if you are camped anywhere in New England, you are in the woods. This is the view out my window. We are camped on the bank of the Suncook River. It's not very wide, but it is pretty deep. There has been rain either here or up river almost every day that we have been here so the river has gotten deeper every day. If you look hard you can see a corn field just on the other side of the river. That's not been good for my allergies, but since the wind doesn't blow, I've not had too much trouble.
Here is a spot where part of the river slows to make a little pond. When we got here all the lily pads were floating and blooming. Now they are all under water. You can see them just beyond the tall grass. I can't get over how the trees are reflected in the glassy water.

Here are some of our "neighbors." A moose or two and some crazy old trees.
Because of all the rain, there is no shortage of fungus among us.
Rick said that all these beautiful mushrooms lack is a ladybug on top.
One of my favorite things growing in the woods is wild blueberry bushes.
I've had a few handfuls to round out my lunch or just for a snack. They are tiny little berries, but they are full of blueberry flavor! There are some pretty flowers up by the office. They are not natural to the woods, but they were so pretty I thought you might want to see them anyway.
I love how each flower is so unique.
If you pay close attention to the world around you, you may be entertained by some of the cutest little critters. That's part if making the hum-drum an adventure.
This dragonfly is resting in the blueberry bush.
This little guy to too pretty to be called a slug. I've never seen anything exactly like this before. What an adventure! This little frog would not pose for me, so I held him in my hand to get his picture. Instantly my hand was VERY SLIMY! EEWWWW! Some adventures are a little gross!
It doesn't look like we will be here to witness New England in the fall and that makes me a little sad. But I found a few leaves along the side of the road that seem to be rushing things just a bit. Together they gave me a glimpse of what I will be missing.

I rarely title my photos, but if I gave this one a name it would be... As Time Goes By.

I took a few more pictures around the campground. Watch for them to show up as puzzles on my side bar.


Brittney said...

I have been busy the last few days. Melissa had her 21st birthday Sunday. Her first wedding anniversary was yesterday 8-8-08. Ryan flew in Thursday evening. Tomorrow we are going into Austin to have a family photo. Even talked Terry and Thomas into it. ( told them we were doing and they could do it or not, whatever). Monday the packers are coming to pack the kids things up and start the trip to North Carolina. I know it is best for them, but it hurts a little to see them go. Glad you seem to be on the mend from your small trip. ( Sounds like somethings I have done). I loved the moose. I love the pictures you have posted. As for the cooler weather. I am looking forward to Sept. when our temps seem to cool off. I love not having to wear a jacket until the end of Nov. first of Dec. I hate bundling up. today I had a ce for work. The speaker is from Littleton Co. He was talking about how humid it was here. I guess I have finally gotten use to the humid weather, because it didn't feel all the humid at all today. As for those mental lapses. It is just because I know so much now, I have more files to search. That's my story anyway.

6HappyHearts said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful blog!
Thanks for stoppin' by my lil'blog world. Meeting HS moms that have "weathered" the storms are an inspiration to me : )