Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick Drive Up To Maine

Yesterday Rick had one last claim up in Maine so I tagged along. Just so I could say I've been there. I saw more hills and more trees. I was excited to see a few maple trees that were starting to blush with colors of fall. Sumac along the roadside had a few blood red leaves and the ferns and low growing vegetation in the woods were starting to turn too.
There are some places I've been that I'm glad to say, "I've been there," and I don't care to ever go back. Las Vegas, Nevada is one. But, New England is one place that I would love to visit again. If you've seen the movie The Bucket List you'll understand when I say, "Seeing New England in the fall" is on my list. It won't happen this year, but some day, before I die, I hope to cross one of Vermont's covered bridges and have red and gold leaves crunch under my feet.
Now our quick trip up to Maine didn't have room for much sightseeing, but you'll be surprised what you can see if you are looking for something special to post on your blog. I saw weather vanes. All over the place I saw old colonial churches and building of all sorts that had really cool weather vanes. No two were alike. I was able to get a picture of only one. I hope you like it.
On our way home we stopped by the home of L.L. BEAN. This is Rick standing by the L.L.Bean boot.
When we were in the store, Rick suggested I take a picture of this stuffed moose because, and I quote, "It's the closest thing to a real moose you are going to see." (He looks dead on his feet don't you think?)
I love my husband, but he was a wet blanket tossed across my hopes of seeing a moose crossing the road. He's probably right, but a girl needs her dreams. Right?
In just a couple of days I'll be packing up my dreams and the camper and we will be heading for home. Rick hopes to work in a vacation along the way, so I may have some other sights to show you later. You never know where we'll end up!


God's Gal Sarah said...

AWWWW>..No live moose? Uncle Ricky trying to be a spoil sport? HA! It's a man thing. I did not know you were heading home! Shows how "in my own world" I've been lately! We miss you all and hope you get to have a rest along the long road home!

Talkin' Texan said...

It's little wonder that you've been in your own world considering your circumstances. And only 4 more days until you head off to school and a whole new world! I'll be praying for you.