Sunday, January 25, 2009

Somewhere in Arkansas...

in a cheap motel, stopped for the night with some 570 miles to go. Yep, the phone rang again. We are on our way to Louisville, KY. And every one's first question is, "What happened in Louisville?"

It's old news, but the answer is Ike. We're headed up there to help sweep up the last crumbs of claims left from the hurricane that made it's way across the country a few months ago. See, sometimes even Rick's job can be dull. This is likely going to be a short assignment, but hey, I'm not complaining. A paycheck is better than a breadline and we just paid less than $2.00/gal. for fuel, so maybe the trip will be worth it.

If you remember, you might say a prayer for good weather. It looks like we might be driving into some ice tomorrow. We've taken the "southern route" to try to avoid as much of the freezing rain as we can, but I talked to an insured in Louisville this evening and she said that it was starting to sleet there.

Just a few days ago it was in the mid 70s in Amarillo! Oh how it made me long for spring! But here I am, headed north in January. Crazy? Maybe. But crazy fits me fine. It's sanity that never seems to be my size.

Speaking of clothes, (Well, OK. I'm talking about clothes now, so stick with me.) I have one sweatshirt and two hoodies in the camper. All my other winter clothes are somewhere in storage. I think hubby my get sick of looking at me in that one sweatshirt and two hoddies, but I hate to rush out to Wal-Mart and stock up on sweaters and the like because I'm still hoping for an assignment on the Gulf Coast! And because I'm a tightwad! So, I guess I'll just try my best to stay warm in the days ahead as I pray for a new storm near a sunny beach or an early spring!

We need to continue our journey early tomorrow so I'd better go wash off some of the road grime and hit the hay! Lord willing my next post will be from Louisville. See ya down the road!


Brittney said...

I am glad that you do have a job, because like you I think a breadline would be harder. I am keeping you in my prayers as you travel. The cold front is suppose to be here tomorrow. As for just having the sweatshirt and are not being a tightwad. After all have you not heard that a survey taken this month said that most women where not planning on making any clothing purchases for themselves this year. You may be one of a kind, but in these hard ecominic times you fit right in.

Keep us posted.

Cindy said...

I have been thinking about you a lot today. I hope and pray that you got to your new home. I am seeing here on the side that it is 13 degrees in Amarillo. It is cold here but not that cold. These are days that I am glad that I do not live in Amarillo anymore. There are just as many in the HOT summer that I wish I did live there instead of here. can't wait to hear from you again when you get settled.