Monday, January 12, 2009

Which Way Did It Go?

That steamroller that left me flattened--which way did it go? Oh, there was more than one? I thought so!

Relocating, (again) holidays, wedding, and making the rounds to visit family before we are deployed again and the winter crud (cough cough cough) just about did me in. So many days without my blog friends--I was starting to twitch! That twitching enabled me to peel my flattened self up off the ground, so here I am. Did you think I just gave up the ghost? I thought about it, but life is like a good book--I want to see how it ends.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Yesterday I told my mother that I was ready for my life to get back to normal. She asked me if my life was ever normal. Well, okay, so it's not really. But I'm ready for it to get back to it's less hectic abnormality.

In case you were wondering, my Christmas was wonderful, I went to bed early on New Year's Eve, the wedding was absolutely beautiful, (I cried only a little--some mascara was left when the day was done) and I think I've lived through the worst of the winter-time illness that gave me laryngitis, infected sinuses, and a cough that rattles the rafters. I will probably be coughing until spring.

I've not turned on my computer in a L-O-N-G time so today my electronic buddy informed me that I had 70 something new email messages. That doesn't count the who knows how many I have not read over the past three weeks. Just a minute ago I hurriedly deleted all the ones that I knew I could live without reading and I still have 101 unread at this moment. It's not good to get so far behind. But I did finally get a chance to go through the basket of snail mail. It was nice getting to read the Christmas cards--now that Christmas 2008 is just a memory.

Today I'm going to tackle the laundry. (I think I hear another steamroller coming!) And I will start to pray for a storm. (Forgive me, but that's the only way we can keep eating ya know.) We hope to hang around here long enough to help our youngest granddaughter celebrate her first birthday, but then we need to be getting back to work. By faith and God's grace we take it one day at a time.

After I get the laundry finished and play with the girls just a little bit, I'll try to read a few blogs and work on some homework. (I'm 5 lessons behind!) Y'all can pray for me to get caught up. I remember reading a cartoon one time that said, "God put me on this earth to do a certain number of things. I'm so far behind I'll never die!" I can relate.

Now if I can dodge those steamrollers...


Cindy said...

I so remember the days when I fell like that. I will pray that you get it all done fast so that you can play with your girls a lot before you leave. I noticed that the temps are chilly there. Perfect weather to stay inside and get all that done. I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas and that all the other things is over. I just today noticed the things that you have at the bottom of this blog page. I looked at the Gluten free site and it is great. I am going back and look at it more to see if I can find something new to eat for Jon. Take it easy and enjoy your time at home. Love the purple. Cindy

Losing Myself said...

Glad you survived the steamrollers! I'll help you pray for a storm, just not HERE....maybe California, it's warmer there.

Brittney said...

A long time ago ( I think I stilled lived in Kansas) I was upset, don't know why...but I remember telling whoever was still listening that I wanted my life back to normal....but I was very afraid that for that time in my life was normal...I still have times when I want it all back to normal....but then againI don't every truely rememver waht normal was. So does that turn normal livs into so constant that we get use the "New Mormal" finds us. I think I may need to start a blog and poll peopl if they agree or disagree. I think that would be interesting, but would it be fun.....I am going to add more fun into my life. I decided to do that yesterday. Today I have had lost of ideas. When it gets warmer...go to Ladie Bird Lake and rent a canoe and paddle down the lake...taking basket lunch WaterproofI am hopping. Or maybe give some a story. I could find some one about my age go over to them and ask if we went to different High Schools together. I wonder what kind of look that you would get.I may have to start my own blog. The way the red head thinks in circles or something like that. If you have any ideasl...just share. Hoe this maikes sence. Idon;t have my glasses on and my eyesare watering from my allergerys...btr I think you get the idea.

Good to see you back. Loove the blue clolr

Edie said...

Hope you're feeling better! Looks like you got a lot of catching up to do. I love that cartoon! I will have to use that somewhere. ;)

Happy 2009!

Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks to you all for your prayers. I'm gradually getting back to normal. (Whatever that is.)
Brittney, if you get that blog up and going, let me know. I'll visit ya! Blogging is fun and a good way just to blab your mind when no one else will listen.