Monday, January 19, 2009

What If...?

Have you ever played What If? You know, where you ask yourself what-if questions and then ponder your own answers? Like what if I'd been born a blond? What if I had a "skinny gene?"
What if the world really was flat? What if money really did grow on trees? What if I'd gone to college? What if TV had never been invented? What if men were not the controllers of the remote? What if chocolate tasted nasty? What if I could only own one pair of shoes?

I could go on all day. Don't get me wrong now. A lot of people would probably consider me a realist. Life is usually black and white and much too complicated and cluttered for fanciful day dreaming. But even levelheaded, down-to-earth, boring people such as myself need an escape hatch from time to time. I can't remember when was the last time I played this little game, but I read a news tidbit today that became my ejection seat, flinging me into the universe of what ifs.

Obama's inauguration is costing more than $150 million! I can't wrap my mind around that much money. We're talking a big forest full of money trees.

Over 15 mill will be spent on security. We wouldn't want our new American superhero to dash his foot upon a stone now would we? Of course not. The article doesn't say how much is going to be spent on porta-johns for the 1.5 to 3 million people expected to attend the event, but one has to wonder...

Around 45 million, give or take a dollar or two, will be spent to "create a dynamic inaugural experience." (Here I go flying out into the vast what-if expanse.) What if Abe L. (our hero's hero) would have had such a fan fair? Better yet, what if our new hero were as humble as Abe?

The spokeswoman for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies is quoted in this article saying that they are very budget conscious. What if she had MY budget to work with? (If they are so budget conscious then why did President Bush have to declare an emergency in Washington D.C to get more money out of congress for security? What if Congress said NO?)

Ms. spokeswoman claims that the reason we're spending such a chunk is to send a message to the world about our peaceful transition of power. What if it really were a peaceful transition? We could have fewer security guards and more porta-johns.

What if the $150 + million could be used to help some American citizens who have recently lost their jobs make a few payments on their home loans, thus being a baby step in the long trip to repairing our broken economy? What would that action say to the world?

What if our new super-hero, who has raised some 35 million to help pay for this party, used his fundraising voodoo to raise money to care for our poor, our hungry, our overburdened oppressed tax payers?

What if we were more concerned about sending a message of real and lasting peace, hope and salvation to the world than we were about making life appear to be peaceful and hopeful?

What if...?


Cindy said...

I have actually had that thought so many times. What if they gave all that money away to someone that needed it just didn't take so much from us all. What if all the people in this USA didn't take advantage of each other and treated each other like the Bible says to. What would that say to the world. What if all the world treated each other that way. Thank you for sharing. Kaleena is so beautiful here. Congradulations on your new son.

Losing Myself said...

It really does boggle the mind how much money they are spending.
What if McCain had been elected, would they be spending this much on him?
What if the people of this country sent a message to Washington that we didn't approve of 'them' spending so much money on the inauguration?

sharilyn said...

it was nice to 'hear' someone saying something out loud about this! i've been so frustrated hearing about our terrible financial crisis and the need for BORROWING (from where else does the bailout money come?!) another $700 BILLION--and yet the inauguration is costing us millions! could it not be downsized, no matter how "historic" this election? also, my other pet peeve is the need for (and cost of) redecoration of the White House. I mean, come on! how bad could it be?!?! most of my apt has been furnished from hand-me-downs and garage sales...i'm sure the White House hasn't been. what an awesome message of CHANGE it would send to tell the American people (taxpayers!!)--"hey, we're not going to spend your money redecorating our new home. we believe in change and we believe in using your money for things that are REALLY important and which will benefit you!" now, THAT would be a welcome change, in my opinion. and i would loudly applaud such behavior!

Talkin' Texan said...

You said it girl!
Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon!

Edie said...

This was a great post and Sharilyn's comment was awesome too! You go girls!

Deanna said...

"What if" you went to college now? It's not too late! I went back after 30+ years. And now you could go online. You could fit that in with your lifestyle. Weren't you taking some online courses at one time?

I like your "what ifs" on our economics (the inauguration expense, etc.)

Talkin' Texan said...

The writing class I was taking was online. It was a two year course. It was a little difficult at times. When we don't have wifi or have a weak signal and lessons were due, or when I was in the middle of a hard assignment and we got a deployment call and spent 3 days on the road...things like that.
I was not able to finish the course actually...between hubby having surgery, our daughter getting sick and spending almost a week in ICU, and I don't remember what all else, I got so far behind I couldn't get caught up. The fee for extending the time was more than I had the guts to ask hubby for. In short, I FAILED MISERABLY! I did learn a few things, but I've not made a dime with my writing.
Some would say big bucks wasted.
I've thought about online classes...just don't know how wise it would be since I don't know of any degree that would help me do laundry any better. (ha ha ha)
But it is something I'd like to do, just for the heck of it. If I win the lottery...;)