Friday, January 16, 2009

My Resolve

What to do about a New Year's resolution... now that it is the middle of the month. Obviously I shouldn't resolve to be more punctual or on top of things. Humm. Let me think.

I want to be super spiritual. You know, a hero of the faith. Maybe I should make a resolution to read my new Bible cover to cover. (I've already lost two weeks of reading time but I could probably make that up.) Yeah, I SHOULD resolve to do that, but will I get it done?

I could vow to keep up with entering receipts on a spreadsheet so tax time 2009 won't be quite so taxing. I COULD do that, but I said I would do that in 2008--I have a whole Rubbermaid tub full of wadded receipts to prove that I'm not too good at keeping that resolution either.

I'd like to lose at least 25 pounds. HA HA HA ha ha, ho ho ho, HE HE HE! (I'm glad I thought of that one! I needed a good laugh!)

There are plenty of changes I need to make in my life. So many in fact that I can't decide which one to put at the top of my list. I hate New Year's resolutions. Their only real purpose is to remind me of just how big a disappointment I am to myself.

I admire people who can make a resolution and stick to it.

Here is a list of things I think I could resolve to do in 2009 and be successful.
1. Lose at least 3 pounds of muscle and gain at least 5 pounds of fat.
2. Waste at least 1 hour a day playing with my DS.
3. Watch too much TV.
4. Go over my 1400 minutes talking to my girls on the phone.
5. Act like my mother OR my father, OR BOTH.

What kind of self-respecting person makes resolutions to do things that happen naturally, without even trying? I've given this whole resolution thing a lot of thought. I finally came up with a good one.

In 2009 I will try my best to be completely truthful ABOUT myself TO myself.

Sounds easy? Maybe you can try it with me. I dare ya!


Sharon said...

lol! That's quite a challenge and one that's difficult to take on, but I'm game ;) I'll have a go at it and maybe, just maybe, I'll learn something new about myself that I didn't know before.

I wanted to thank you for your prayer this week :)

Talkin' Texan said...

Glad to see you are back at the computer. I hope you are feeling much better! Let me know how the challenge goes. I'm expecting to avoid mirrors on bad days. I too think I might learn something about myself, especially if I let the Holy Spirit interupt my conversations with myself.

Edie said...

Now THAT sounds like a good resolution!

I really liked #1. Wahahaha!

Brittney said...

I have never been good at resolutions either. My lofty ideas always fail. But I have found....that the ones I have been able to keep....with prayer...I have been able to achieve. Last year I did read the Bible through. The year eat healthier and to excerise more....I was able to achieve, but this year...I have not been able to make one at all. Does that say something about myself. I hope it does a little.... Good luck with whatever you choose.

hope42day said...

No it does not sound easy...but I am willing to take the dare. That is one of the reasons I started blogging this year-blogging was one of my resolutions last year, so I do not consider you late in making a resolution :) I blog to write, write, write, write; hopefully reach the hearts of a few people and get to know the 'real' me.

Cindy said...

I am not sure that I like that resolution. It sounds really hard. I will give it a shot and see how it goes. Here is the one that I read that I thought was good. To be content. To stop comparing myself to others, To be grateful for who I am and what I have, Give myself to others and focus on things with eternal value. I find this to be hard as well. We will see how they all go in a month or two.

Carol said...

Loved your resolve.....and yes, it is 23 degrees today and the sun is shining. It is beautiful! Love, Carol

Talkin' Texan said...

Cindy, Youv'e listed some good ones. I think if I am successful with being truthful about myself, I'll achieve some of the others you've listed as side effects.

Carol, enjoy the sun and keep warm. 23 sounds too cold for me! We get down there but I don't really like it becasue our 23 is always arm in arm with 30 mph winds.

Deanna said...

I generally don't make resolutions, but Randy and I do sit down and write down our goals for the year.

Have you ever tried Quicken (or something similar) for your receipts? We run EVERYTHING (almost) through credit cards or checkbook or direct deposit. We put everything we can on credit card, then pay it off at the end of the month. I download the credit cards to Quicken, enter the few checks in Quicken, and at the end of the year I already have my tax totals. It works GREAT for us. Don't know if something similar would work for you or not.

What is "DS" on #2 of your list of possible resolutions for 2009?

2. Waste at least 1 hour a day playing with my DS.

I know I'm probably going to be sorry I asked On the website DS means dear son, but I'm pretty sure you don't have one of those ???

Grab da fish by dagil. My word, Mr. Mitty, is "dagil".

Talkin' Texan said...

Ha ha Deanna, You crack me up! I have a Nintendo DS Lite. It is a game, kinda like a Game Boy. Loads of fun when you are traveling and nothing better to do.

No I don't have Quicken. It sounds like a good idea. I've built my own spreadsheets that work great, but I just don't enter the receipts daily like I should. I think I would be just as inefficient with Quicken. ;)