Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And Still the Wind Blows

Just a little update for those of you who want to know what is going on.

Rick is still on the move. Since he left here on Friday, he has driven through portions of six different states, through blizzards, ice, flurries, up and down mountains, and still he drives. When he left here, he didn't know for sure where he was going. As he drove, he learned he was to have meetings in Sacramento, then work in Oregon. Farther down the road he found out that he was going to work in California, east of San Fransisco. Slick roads and heavy snow prevented him from making it to California by his appointed time, but allowances were made and he continued on. Yesterday, just as he was about to cross the Nevada/California line, his company decided to send him to Idaho to work. That meant that he had to back track almost 500 miles of his journey back to Salt Lake City before heading northward into Idaho. If the Lord wills, he will make it to his destination late today. Talk about a long commute!!!

Rick is very tired of driving. Yesterday evening he called and told me that after driving all afternoon, he was spending the night in the same town where he ate lunch. On Rick's behalf I just want to say, "Good Grief!" He is a patient man, and though frustrated, he is taking all this pretty well.

My beloved hates the cold. Average high temperatures in the area where he will be working are in the 30s. Lows are in the teens. I hurt for him, and I pray for him. I admire him; he is my hero.

Here at home we are still waiting on Gabriella to decide to make her way into the world. Natalie has decided to call me "Meme," and we are having fun with each other. Other than that, there is no new news, and the wind is still blowing.

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Sarah said...

Well hello Meme! I'm so glad you are enjoying Natalie.
Poor Uncle Ricky. Sounds like he's forever busy!...and cold...
And the wind still blows.