Monday, January 28, 2008

Wishing and Hoping for Spring

You'll never guess what... The wind is blowing. Yep, again. Or maybe I should say "still." Today is the worst... Up to 50 mph was predicted and I think it has been gusting to ever bit of 50 and then some. My eyes itch, my head hurts, and my sinus cavities and ears feel like they might burst from the pressure. I took a chance and walked out to get the mail after lunch. Days like today you really don't have to worry about fixing your hair. You don't even really need to brush it if you plan to go outside. I looked better when I first got up this morning than I did after going out after the mail. It is a miserable day.

Though it is windy, it is not cold. I've seen days in January when the wind has blown 50 mph and the temperatures were below freezing. That makes for a VERY miserable day. But today, it is warm. For that I am thankful. A big dark cloud blew up, and a few drops of rain fell, settling just a tiny bit of the dust in the air. The sound of the raindrops on the window somehow made the howl and whistle of the wind less annoying for a little while.

When I went out for the mail, a "feeling" swept over me. Not at all like the feeling I have every fall. You remember? That feeling of dread and anxiety. No, this time it was a feeling of hope. The warm wind and the dark clouds hinted of spring. I guess most folks think about blooming flowers and singing birds when they think of spring. But when you grow up in the Texas Panhandle, you think of wind. For it is the wind, slightly warm and really high wind, that is the first sign that spring is on its way. We don't associate too many blossoming trees with spring because, in the first place, we don't have too many trees. And if the few little trees we do have decided to bloom, they either get hit with a late freeze or the wind just blows those pretty little flowers away before anyone can notice they are there. As for singing birds, well when the poor little sparrow opens his mouth to sing, the wind blows the song right back down his little throat and out his tail feathers. So, it is dirt in the air, messy hair, and one dark cloud that gives me hope that winter won't last forever.

Don't get me wrong now. Snow is in the weather forecast for Thursday. Winter isn't over until the mesquite trees put out, and that won't be until after our normal "Easter spell." Why the groundhog hasn't even seen his shadow yet (and we know he will) so we still have plenty of winter time left. But today, the wind howls its song of hope.

Come on spring!!! I'm ready for ya!


Brittney said...

I certainly understand about the wind. Even down here in central Texas the wind can blow. Not near as much or for as long, but here it can get windy. I had to chuckle at the weather lady on t.v. the other day. She was telling us that the wind had blown around 30 all day with gust up to 40. Yesterday I went to lunch with a couple of co-workers. The wind was blowing and dirt was in the air. They didn't know what it was. Then they really didn't want to believe me when I told them it was dirt. They just could not understand I have seen that, ( but much worse) For a lot of my life. You know back where I come from.

I am glad that your loved ones are home from the hospital. I know how much nicer that is. Hope they are coming along great.

Kaylene said...

I'm ready for spring too!