Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're Home!

Yes, we got home Sunday. We've been on the run since we got here.

My sister and part of her family came over for hamburgers and a short but sweet visit Sunday evening. Yesterday we took care of a bunch of errands we had to do in town, and today I have spent all day putting poison on ant beds and spraying weed killer on thistles and bindweed around the place. I'm worn out!!!!! The wind has been blowing all day. (That is just a given here.) I think my face is a little sun and wind burned.

It has been a joy to hug on the grand kids. They are just as sweet as ever and have grown quickly. Natalie is talking up a storm and Gabriella thinks her Mimi is just the funniest looking thing ever. She laughs at me all the time. It is good to see the kids again and we are hoping to still be around at the end of the month when our oldest comes home for a visit. But we never know...

It is always good to be home.

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