Monday, July 28, 2008

Stopped For The Night

I don't know where we are... somewhere in Ohio about 20 or 25 miles from the Pennsylvania line. We've been rolling well over 21 hours and that doesn't count rest stops, fuel stops, and overnight sleeping time. That's more than 21 hours of moving down the highway. If I ask myself, "Are we there yet?" one more time, I'm going to make myself sit in the back seat with a rag stuffed in my mouth!

I'm getting a little buggy!!!!! I've tried to read, sleep, and played a few games on my Palm Pilot. Every time I dozed off today, Rick turned the radio over to NASCAR talk radio. All that loud belly-aching grates my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. So my naps were short. Maybe I should ride in the back seat with rags stuffed in my ears!

We are stopped for the night---and hopefully a few hours sleep. If all goes as planned we will get to our destination tomorrow evening. We are just under 600 miles away. Just in case you were wondering, New Hampshire is a LONG WAY from Amarillo TX!

I'll let you know when we get there! Happy trails!

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