Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Little Cones

Okay, okay. So, some people collect stamps, some butterflies... I really don't collect pinecones, but I'm so fascinated by my newest find. In the picture above,the "Big Boy" in the back is the little fellow featured in my last post about cones. You remember? The one that was not much bigger than a quarter. I just thought it was a tiny little cone. Check out the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny cones I found hanging on a tree today! They are barely a half of an inch tall.
I wish I had my BIG California cones to add to the picture, just for the WOW factor. If I was the least bit creative, I'd come up with something I could make using all my different sized cones. But, you know what they say; while God was passing out creativity, I was holding the door for everyone else. So, all these little cones are lying around on my table and a few are in a catch-all drawer. When I finally get tired of moving them around I'll probably toss them all.
But for now, they have made me smile as I worship the creator. And, because I have blogged three times about pinecones, you are starting to think that I need to get a life!


Anonymous said...

I find this so interesting. I would have thought that the farther North you went the bigger the pinecones got. I guess they need the heat to grow bigger. Keep looking at the pinecones and letting us see them. I so enjoy hearing about your travels. I guess it is because I have a pretty boring life as well. Have fun in you adventures. Cindy

Talkin' Texan said...

I'm no tree expert, but it's not the climate so much as the diferent species of pines. And I'm not sure that they are all pines. Some may be spruce or something else. Now climate does have something to do with which kind of trees grow where I'm sure. I never gave much thought to how many kinds of pine trees there are and that their characteristics (& cones) could be so different. Kind of like people I guess.