Monday, May 19, 2008

Frog City

Okay, you my dear reader(s) asked for it. Don't expect to be inspired or awed by this post. The most you can hope for is a little entertainment, and you will have to be among the population who are "too easily entertained," but that is okay. It makes my job as a blog writer easier.
So you want to know what Frog City is like?
Well here ya go.

You'll never guess what I saw on my first walk around the campground. Yep, two frogs that couldn't hop fast enough to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. Don't worry, I'll spare you the photo this time. They had been there a while so their little carcases were leathery anyway. Instead I'll give you this little guy. He stands by the office to say Welcome.

On the street where I live...
I'm not sure I am allowed to put my trash in this can at the end of our lane. The guidelines we received upon registration said to put our trash in the large dumpster at the camp exit. So that is what I do. After our last campground experience in Arkansas, I decided not to take a chance. My question for you is--have you ever tried to drive only 5 mph? I challenge you to try it sometime and let me know about your experience.
The building you see in the background to the left is a Super 8 Motel. Now if any of our friends or family want to come on down to Cajun country and pay us a visit, affordable lodging is just a short walk from our camper. I have no idea who these folks are, but they knew I was taking pictures and they didn't scamper out of the way, so... Our camper is on the left. It is the one with the awning out.
Here is our "lane" from the other direction. A row of trees line the south and west sides of Frog City, but the rigs sit out in the sun. I-10 is to the north and the motel is on the east side. I've not ventured beyond the row of trees. I figure what is on the other side might not be any of my business.

Now this area is "primitive" camping, so if you have a tent, here is your spot. I guess you can play volley ball here but you had better bring your own net and your own ball. I didn't see a "nature trail," but I'm sure where there is grass instead of pavement, you are bound to find some "nature." There are a couple of picnic tables, but you might want to bring a big quilt along for your picnic.Here is some of that "nature" you will find. These are crawfish castles--little mud mounds around the holes where the crawfish come up out of the wet boggy ground.
A couple of "temporarily permanent" residents of the place have planted a garden of sorts. They offer their produce to all the campers. If you decide you want a squash or tomato for supper, you are free to pick and eat. (Nothing is ready for harvest yet, but it won't be long...)Here are the tenders of the garden patch. They obviously didn't want me to get their faces in the photo. Suppose they are on a wanted poster somewhere? Aw, I doubt it. They seemed like nice enough people. Below is the "corn field." I doubt we will still be here when the juicy ears are ready for picking.It seems I spend a lot of my time doing laundry, so.. I'll be here more often than I would like. The door on the left is to the laundry (only 3 washer and 3 dryers @ 1.75 each) and the other three doors are to showers. We take our showers in the camper. I could just see me toting my stuff across the campground to take a shower. I'd probably drop my unmentionables on a frog. Picture those hopping through the camp sites!
So, with these pictures (even the mental ones) I'll leave you saying "ribbit" for now.


Tricia Goodwin said...

Or bibbit, as a certain two-year-old would say. :) We were aout and about today, and she suddenly started calling for mimi. Then she said mimi back, and went on about her business. Just thought I would let you know you were thought of.

Talkin' Texan said...

That really tugs at this Mimi's heart strings. (Thanks for letting me know.) Continue to reassure her that Mimi WILL be back!;)

Anonymous said...

OK,This is my first "comment". I checked Sarah's blog this morning an just bawled. Such a wonderful poem. She went to a dress-up event last night and was just beautiful. From her blog I've gone to yours. Perhaps I'll get a little more faithful at checking these things. Sarah keeps me informed, but Anna and I are weaning ourselves from being so dependant upon her. You will probably be hearing a lot more from me.
Yep, I've stepped on a few frogs @ Guymon in the dark. They were everywhere in that meadow and coming up the sewer pipes and all over the yard. I KNOW THE FEELING. If we were not flying over in June I would definitely stop and stay in the Super 8 a day or 2 with you. Love ya, Louise