Saturday, May 17, 2008

We're Here!

Well, we didn't even slow down as we went through Shreveport.

Every deployment is an Abraham experience. "Leave home and just drive until someone tells you to stop!" Usually Rick gets a call that sends us in the direction of a particular state, and as we drive his claims are assigned and then we are notified as to where to report for meetings, (which is usually in a different place than the claims) and then we go from there to our assigned location.

This time it seems our "up-line" has had a hard time getting their ducks in a row. Rick was told right off the bat to go to Shreveport, but his assigned claims are scattered all the way from Alexandria to Baton Rouge with the largest part of them being in the Lafayette area. He is starting with a large number of claims, so we were told to go on and get started. He will attend his orientation meeting this afternoon via phone.

Check out the map link under "Where in the world am I?" for Frog City. That's the name of the campground where we are. The town is actually Duson, LA, but you might as well say we are in Lafayette. Are you confused yet? I stay that way. At least I'm still in the central time zone! To help you out--we are about halfway between the Texas-Louisiana line and Baton Rouge on I-10, 221 miles from Kaleena's apartment which is on the west side of Houston.

I love it when we tell friends and family where we are going and they ask, "What happened there?" It reminds me of how big the "big picture" is and how we all lack the ability to keep up with what is going on outside our immediate circle. I'm so glad we have a God that sees all, knows all, and is in complete control of all things. Nothing surprises Him! But to answer your question--a tornado and all that go with severe thunderstorms went through this area on the 15th.

We found a campground/resort a few miles from the intersection of I-10 and I-49 that was beautiful. A lake, cypress trees, quiet, lots of grass, tennis courts, hot tub, pool...but poor cel phone signal. Bummer!!!! Rick HAS to have good cel service as he makes and received dozens of calls per day. So our second choice is here at Frog City which sits right on I-10. When we were in Arkansas, if I needed a little entertainment, I could go down to the creek and watch the turtles sun themselves on floating logs. Here I can count how many trucks go by on the interstate. Does anybody remember the Atari game where you had to hop the frog across the busy highway without it getting hit by cars and trucks? (Sorry--just a random thought about frogs and trucks.)
I've not scoped out the laundry room yet but it is two camper rows and a hop-skip-and-a-jump away. It looks like I will have a fair distance to tote trash and "Bull Frog Circle" (the drive around the campground) looks to be an uncomplicated and not too challenging of an exercise route, so I should be fine. I may have to look hard and be creative to find anything worthy of taking photos and posting here on my blog, but I'll try. (Maybe I can find a squished frog on the freeway!) LOL!!!

Okay, okay... maybe not. But if that is all I can find, know you've been warned! I should hop on out and check out my new "home base." I'll take a bottle of water with me so I won't croak! (Photo obtained from


God's Gal Sarah said...

So what does the new camp ground look like? I could throw you a joke or two about Arkansas--but I choose to be kind this time!
I remember the Atari game. HA--I think I played Rebecca's version. We didn't have those games while growing up, but I do recall the rare events when I played.

I know you'll miss "your" babies while you're gone. Have a hoppin good time while you're there!
*sorry, I amuse myself*

Anonymous said...

I think you are thinking of Frogger. 'Twas a classic.