Friday, May 30, 2008

How The Garden Grows

The "garden" here at the campground is really taking off and growing. Some of the campers have already gotten some summer squash. I think I will head out that way tomorrow and see if I can find a vegi or two that I can add to our supper menu.

As part of their Memorial Day celebration, some of the folks had a scarecrow building contest between the men and the women. I thought I'd let you be the judge.

Here is Mrs. Scarecrow. She is all decked out in her jewel-tone skirt and Mardi Gras beads. Her hair looks like a mop but she takes care of her bad hair day by wearing a hat. Smart woman, she's got her head on straight--really on the ball.

And here is Mr. Scarecrow. I really don't know what the Mrs. sees in him. He may have looked a little better when he was younger--I don't know. He resembles Gomez Adams after being smacked in the face with a cast iron skillet. You know his head is full of straw because he has his shirt on backwards. His love handles are out of control, and where in the world did he find that dorky hat?
I have my doubts about this couple's ability to scare the birds away. I think I did see a mocking bird laughing so hard it fell out of the tree. None the less they are quite a pair. Staked at each end of the garden patch, they are good for a few good grins.

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