Monday, June 16, 2008


Here are a few pictures I snapped from my shotgun seat as we made our way through Chicago. It took us about two hours to get through the city on the interstate and it was not even rush hour! We had to pay (it seemed) dozens of tolls all the way through the city and its suburbs. At least I can say, "I've been there." We did not have time to stop and sight-see. We really didn't want to.
At times traffic was stop-and-go. At times it was stopped completely. And at times I wanted to cry, "Slow Down!"

Rick did a great job maneuvering our rig through the traffic. I tried to keep my eyes and mouth shut. My fingers were white from clutching the arm rest and I had a tension headache by the time we were through the city, but we made it out alive!

I am a country bumpkin. I know Chicago is a place I would never want to live. All the houses we could see from the interstate were just a few feet apart--so congested--and the high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums are just not my idea of comfortable living.

I think if God asked me to move to Chicago, I'd probably ask to see his credentials.

Rick commented that no job, paying no amount of money could make him live in a city like this where the traffic is so bad, the drivers so crazy, and the trip to work every day so costly. I laughed and reminded him that there are some people that would say that no job, paying no amount of money could make them pick up at a moment's notice, drive over 3000 miles in a two week period of time through such big, congested cities, paying so much for fuel and tolls. To each his own.

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