Thursday, June 26, 2008

Discussion on Capitol Hill

I used to rant about a lot of things: things that were important to me or things that upset me. I don't think I rant as much as I used to because 1) I'm too tired & 2) I found ranting did little to change anything.

But I just read an article that makes me want to rant! Gender Confusion goes to the Hill. Please take time to read it.

Can you believe that today your tax dollars (mine too) paid law makers to discuss what to do about folks who don't know if they are male or female?

How can a person honestly say they don't know what their gender is? I say, send them to a smart doctor for a complete physical exam. There are ways of telling the difference, and if they slept through health class, a doctor can tell them what they are.

Of all the "issues" before our elected officials, this has to be one that would make them want to call in sick! I know thinking about it makes ME sick! Thinking about how quickly the American moral condition has slipped into the gutter makes me even sicker. We pay men and women to write laws that restrict living a godly, decent life while promoting and favoring perverted lifestyles that will destroy our families and our nation.

What ever happened to the idea that the majority rules? I doubt that "transgenders" make up a majority of the American people. So why is there a discussion going on about whether special allowances should be made for this group of confused people? I'm sure that there are a lot of folks that are confused about many different things. Legislation can not be made or enforced to favor every confused soul walking around.

I ponder... There is a good chance that confused people may change their minds from time to time, day to day. So what happens when laws are put in place to favor the ideas and beliefs embraced by a confused minority and then that confused minority changes its collective confused mind? Do new laws have to be written, again? Where will it end? Will my tax dollars have to pay for sex-change operations for this confused minority?

If the gay activists continue to get their way, someday my sweet innocent granddaughters may enter a public restroom (designated neither "ladies" nor "gentlemen" because that will be illegal) and see a man who doesn't know he is a man, lifting his skirt to use the facility. (Excuse me while I go vomit.)

How long will we let this go on? How long will our God, our Creator and our Judge, let this go on? God, forgive us! God, help us!!


God's Gal Sarah said...

Oh yeah--and when you fill out applications, they ask you if you are "male," "female," or "other." HA! I wonder how many people check other--what are they saying? They're neither male or female? *sigh* Poor people. My nephews know the difference as little kids!

Talkin' Texan said...

I believe forms such as applications would have to have the choice of "both." You know, one gender trapped inside the body of the opposite gender. In reality, I think if this issue continues to move forward, it will be against the law for an application to ask the gender of the applicant because it would be descriminating against the people who can't decide which they are or which they want to be that day.