Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick Update

We've been caught up in the rush of life and the wind of West Texas.

I've lost track of time and I don't remember what happened when, but Rick's company rushed him to finish up in Louisiana so they could send him up north. So, Tuesday (I think) we left Duson and went to Houston to see daughter #1. Wednesday we headed to Amarillo so Rick could get some more work done on a troublesome tooth. Today is Saturday and Rick is making his phone calls and setting appointments for next week. Tomorrow we will hit the road again with our destination being the west side of Minneapolis, MN.

We've enjoyed getting to see all the kids for just a short time. I will spend the rest of the evening doing some laundry and trying to regroup and prepare for the long trip ahead. (About 1050 miles.) Once again...I'll catch ya on down the road.

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