Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Money and Fake Weeds

I like ferns. Don't know why really, but I think they are lovely. Ferns don't grow where I live. Maybe I like them simply because they are "different."

When we drove through Pennsylvania I was amazed at the forest floors. They were thickly covered with these gorgeous ferns. I repeatedly asked Rick to pull over so I could try to dig one up to have for my very own. I was teasing (sort of) and he was in a hurry, so I don't have a fern.

I was pleased to see that ferns grow here as well as in Pennsylvania. I walked around the campground today and took a couple of pictures. Monday when I was enjoying my time out with the girls, I said something about my fascination with these lovely plants. I even told them about how I bought a "silk" fern from Hobby Lobby just so I could have one.

Joyce said, "We call them weeds here." -----

I'm still trying to deal with the emotional distress. A voice in my head keeps saying, "You spent good money on fake weeds!"

I wonder if the Hobby Lobby here sells fake tumble weeds? And if so, would one of these New England folks buy one, thinking they had a thing of beauty? For just a little while I felt silly for buying a fake weed to decorate my home. But not as silly as I would have felt if I had actually tried to dig one up to haul around with me.

After pondering this a while I've decided that one woman's weed is another woman's prized house plant. So the next time I'm home I'll proudly blow the dust off my fake fern and thank the Lord that a Yankee didn't catch me digging weeds in the woods!

P.S Please continue to offer your thoughts on my writing assignment--the how-to article. (See yesterday's post.)


angels2momma said...

I like the puzzles that are on your site. I think these are some of your own pictures if I am not mistaken. That is really neat that we know where they come from.

Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks for commenting about my puzzles. I've wondered if anybody ever opens and does them. Yes, they are my own photos. Hope everyone enjoys them!

Brittney said...

Ok, so you think I could be president of your fan club when you become famous. Sure can, would love that. But you know me once a friend always a friend. As to your puzzles, yes sometimes I do open them up and solve them. I love doing puzzles.
I had no idea ferns were every even considered "weeds". It does remind of a story my Mom once told me. There were some people from the north. I don't remember where they were from, but they stopped on the I-40 interstate to gather some tumbleweeds, because they just thought they were so pretty. Makes me laugh. Last spring I went to lunch with some co-workers and they wind was blowing and you could see the dirt in the air. Neither one of them knew what that brown color was in the air. One girl even thought it was some kind of rain off in the distance. I just had to laugh, but I love them both. Hope your day was wonderful.


Deanna said...

One time when we were in the Texas panhandle we stopped and picked up a tumbleweed to bring home to Arkansas. We loved it...til our dog decided to sleep on it and smashed it. Then it looked like the bottom half of a broken egg...except for the prickles.

You're right: one woman's weed is another woman's prized plant.