Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Need Your Help!

I did it again! I left the house without my camera! AUGH! Yesterday three very sweet ladies picked me up and took me to see the Gillette Castle. And I forgot to take my camera. So while they were having a time snapping photos, I made mental pictures. It's hard to post those on a blog.

First let me tell you about the sweet ladies. Joyce, Heidi, and Carla are the grandmother, mother, and sister of my "favorite" (and so far my only) son-in-law, Tony. Joyce lives in Rhode Island and Heidi and Carla live in the Carolinas. Heidi and Carla are on their way to Maine to visit Heidi's parents and stopped in Rhode Island to visit Joyce. And all together they made my day by making the drive to Connecticut to visit me! I feel special. I had a blast. It has been a long time since I had any time "out with the girls."

Their visit makes me think about the sweet mercies of my God. When my daughter married Tony, that crazy kid from up north, God knew that I would be in Connecticut at this time, and He knew how much a little "sister conversation" would bless me. It is so cool how God works the most major events and the tiniest details in our lives together for our good.

I'm not going to tell you about the castle in this post because I have every intention in going back WITH MY CAMERA and my husband. I'll tell you all about the castle after that. But all of that is not what this post is about.

I need your help. You know I'm taking a writing course, and my next assignment is to write a how-to article. How to make, or do, or be something. You know the type of article. The field is wide! Anyway, I'm stumped. I've done a lot of things in my life but I'm not an expert at anything. I can do research on a topic, but I must have some experience or expertise in order to write effectively.

What would you, my readers, like to see me write about? Some of you know me well and some of you don't, but that doesn't matter. I want your opinion. I NEED YOUR HELP! What do you want to know how to make, do, or be? Leave your comments, PLEASE. My "how-to" waits on you! Thanks in advance! I'm excited to get your input!


Brittney said...

Ok lets see.

You know how to sew, how to can you vegetables from your garden. You know how to roof a house, You can grow plants way, way better than I can. You could also write a how to be a full time RVer. What you need to need to have. These are just a few ideas. You could also write a how to be a friend. You would not believe how many people I talk to everyday who have no idea how to do any of those things. Hope this sparks some of your own ideas.

( always remember, never forgot, your camera. )


rusty'swife said...


I found your blog on the Preacher's Wife. How about what you know best? How to be a wife, mother, friend, or child of God. There are never enough on these, that are informative, and funny at the same time.

Please bring rain when you come back to Texas..we need it bad.

San Angelo

Talkin' Texan said...


If I'm ever famous you'll be the president of my fan club!!!
Don't anybody out there call me to roof your house!
Yes, I've used a shingling hatchet until I had blisters on my hands-more times than I would have liked, but I sure couldn't tell any body how to do it! :)
I'll work at incorporating some of your other ideas. Thanks girl. You're great!

Talkin' Texan said...

Hey there Sallye,

I LOVE hearing from someone new! Thanks. You've given me some good ideas, maybe I can write more than one article.

Hope you get some rain soon. We need it in the Panhandle too.

angels2momma said...

Ok, Lavonda I will try this again. I totally agree with Sallye that something about a Christian mother or friend would be something great. Something else that I think would be good is something that I have been looking up on the internet and have not found much about. It is about how to really know that you are a Christian. I found a lot of things telling you how to be a Christian but not much about how to know if you were saved as a Child. I am sure there are a lot of people that maybe wonder about that in secret. Just a thought. Hope that your day was great. Keep the pictures coming as I am sure that I will never get to see all the parts of the country that you are seeing. I think they are great. Cindy

Tricia said...

I know! You should write an article on some subject about raising children. Like...oh I don't know, potty training for example. And since it's been so long since you did it, you probably need a refresher course. I guess you can use Natalie to help you remember how to do it...

Talkin' Texan said...

You are so clever sweet daughter! I miss Natalie so much. I would put out the effort to "train" her just to have her here with us. But perfecting your skills as you train her will help you out when it is Gabriella's turn. ;) But I'll think about your suggestion!
Love you all!

Deanna said...

This post was in June 2008. Just wondering what you wrote about for your assignment for the how-to article for your writing course ??