Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Was Nice While It Lasted

I know I'm not in Louisiana or even the Texas Panhandle when I see a sign like this.
Here are some of the pictures I promised you. I took them as I walked along the trail that runs through the camp ground. Some of the pictures are taken from the bank of the Minnesota River which is one of the campground's boundaries. This bridge crosses a little stream (which is currently swelled far beyond it's usual size) to a beautiful path. I think if you follow this path it will take you all the way to the next town. I won't have the chance to find out for sure.Looking up between the trees in the wooded area--filled with song birds--so peaceful.As I walked along through the trees I saw "open water."
Not really a lake, not really a stream, just "open water."
There is an abundance of cottonwood trees. And they have been doing what cottonwood trees do! Here is a big wad of cotton along the trail. Check out more of my pictures at and you will see one where the cotton almost looks like snow beside the trail. Could one tree possibly have compassion for another tree?
May we all have such a friend when we need one!

Woodpeckers can be heard hammering away in the tree tops. Here is the evidence.

Here is a spot of solitude that I looked forward to using.

And this is the view of the Minnesota River from the bench. But alas, I will not be reading my book in the shade of the maple trees on the bank of the river. Rick's bosses (he has many) have changed their minds AGAIN as to where they think they want him. This afternoon we will pack up and hit the road. This time we are headed for Connecticut. We are not for sure what town we will end up in, but we suspect it will be in the New Heaven area. We are a little disappointed because we like Minnesota, and because we are paying almost $5.00 a gallon for fuel. In the last nine days we have driven over two thousand miles with another 1,300 or more ahead of us by the week's end. We average between eight and nine mpg pulling the camper. (Groan!!!)

Oh well. I feel a bit like Scarlet...I won't think about that now. Tomorrow is another day. The next time I have a chance to post here, who knows where I'll be. So until then---


Anonymous said...

This looks like such a peaceful place. I am glad that I am not there as I am very allergic to cottonwood trees. There is enough here. I hope that you had a great trip to your next place. I look forward to hearing about it. Cindy

God's Gal Sarah said...

It looks like a great place of solitude. I wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. Think of me as I tie stays in the heat--and I'll think of you in snowmobile country!

Luv Ya!