Saturday, June 28, 2008

Uneventful Day

I don't want any of you to get the idea that my life on the road is all fun and games. Most days are dull and uneventful. Like today. Rick has been trying to get caught up on paperwork, so this has been "my view from the couch" all day long. (Except for when I carried out the trash.)
This kind of excitement is nothing to blog about, I know. But a little while ago I had just a little more excitement than I was prepared for.

Because we have gray water but no black water hook-up (that's RVers lingo for-- I can take a shower and drain the sinks but can't empty the potty's holding tank) at this campground, we make sporadic trips up the hill to the public facilities. So a while ago, I decided that I needed to stretch my legs, get some fresh air, and "hike up the hill."

I was, well, sitting there minding my own business tending to business when I suddenly got the feeling I was being watched. Not good. I glanced down and saw a chipmunk sitting by my foot, gazing up at me. EEk! I was--well let's just say I was REALLY startled. The poor little critter's eyes bugged when I tried hard not to scream too loudly, and it took off like a shot!

It took a while but my heart did return to it's normal rhythm. I can't say about the chipmunk though. Poor little thing probably ran to his burrow and put a damp leaf on his head.


Brittney said...

Your story of the chipmunk reminded me of mine with a hummingbird. I thought that was the biggest wasp I had ever seen. My heart pounded and I shook for I know an hour. ( I grew up in the panhandle and had never actually seen a hummingbird for real.) Your other blog about driving through all those small towns. So funny. Here in Austin in the big city, they are just almost unbelieving when they find out I drive about 37 miles to work. I don't think much of it. I asked on person how long it took them to get to work. She said only about an hour. Same here for me, (she only went about 15 miles to work) And the way you look at thing. I read somewhere that most of our problems with being unhappy come for not being grateful for what you have or living in a state of ungratefulness. Just about knocked me over. We are blessed with so much in this life. ( A husband who works all day while you stare at his back) Makes me thankful for all that I do have....You have to be happy with what you have...not what you want. Ok enough from me. Hope you are having a nice week-end. We have just stayed indoors as much as we is hot and humid...the movies are a good place to be.


God's Gal Sarah said...

POOR CHIPMUNK! *Oh, and bless your heart for being startled* BUT THAT POOR CHIPMUNK! haha.
Thinking about you today! I hope you enjoyed your day of rest.